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Humor at Work: The road less traveled by which leads to Success
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Psychological experts from around the world have confidently hailed humor to cause a positive streak at the workplace. It instills a positive physical response along with which it burns calories and a rapid blood flow. With such physical changes, it inculcates a better bond among the employees. It helps in bridging commonalities by reducing tension and makes work a better experience. It is important to note that humor needs to be tasteful in order to avoid causing offense to anyone. The people around at the workplace may not always share a personal and comfortable bond to joke around without any inhibitions. As humor at work makes the employees happier than they usually are, it ultimately results in better productivity.

Leaders and motivational speakers put forward a long list of ingredients which prepare the apt formula for success. But they often miss out on the key one: laughter. Not only business but in all matters of life, a sense of humor is essential for progress in whatever one does. It is likely that one who has the ability to laugh at himself and make others laugh is a preferable company by all kinds of people. This makes working together smoother and less tiresome. Research on humor at work in the last 20 years made psychologists come to the conclusion that humor makes an individual less resilient. This results in fewer mistakes at work. It also helps in coping with stress and reducing it to quite an extent. Humor makes it easier for people to approach an individual. It enhances any kind of group activity and generates better results.

How humor at work can lead to success

Humor does not only include cracking jokes with your teammates or making a witty comment at the right time. Circulating inoffensive jokes among your peers through social media or maintaining a smiling face while working together develops a positive atmosphere at work. Especially in the case of a manager, a jovial characteristic makes him go lighter on his subordinates. This means that even if an employee makes a mistake, he will be more forgiving towards it. Before taking any crucial step against the employee, he will take into consideration the positives of the person. But this does not mean that humor at work can cover up all blunders. It is necessary to keep in mind that even if the leader is cordial, he needs to be taken seriously.

Humor at work

Humor at work reduces stress levels and boosts productivity.

Apart from the employees, a sense of humor helps attract the clients as well. A customer will look forward to conducting business with a company where the staff is pleasing and lighthearted. As soon as the customer walks in, he can sense a lighter atmosphere which will make him want to interact with the company more often. This results in better business opportunities with the clients.

Humor helps boost productivity of employees

As the employees will be more relaxed, they will naturally make fewer mistakes. Along with this, the team will have the drive to work harder for the company. Everyone likes working with someone who makes work enjoyable and is considerate about certain drawbacks which come in the way. Laughter plays a major role in increasing the morale of the employees. Also, humor at work makes the day go faster. There are various offices where the time literally drags and employees count minutes till the time they can leave the office. Whereas the presence of humor makes the day pass in a blur as the employee enjoys his work. By fostering a healthier work environment, it will cause greater levels of trust among the employees as well as the clients. If a client has faith in the company, he will look forward to conducting business on a regular basis.

The most vital benefit of humor at work is that it helps boost creativity. By sharing laughter with the team, it inspires them to be more creative and come up with better ideas. As the mind is diverted from stressful aspects, an individual is more open to new possibilities. Through smooth communication, an employee is confident in sharing his ideas which might help pitch the business higher. Humor also helps in eradicating negative feelings at work such as conflict, jealousy, or insecurity. Sharing laughter with a peer instantly dissolves such feelings and makes it more comfortable for competitors to work with one another. In the end, use of humor at work is a win-win situation for all.

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