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How Twitter changed after Jack Dorsey rejoined

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Jack Dorsey is an enigmatic and visionary leader who has been the central player in the corporate narratives of the last decade. Dorsey rejoined Twitter just before seven months and was announced the permanent CEO in October. He has made some significant changes since he returned to the company. Here are some of the changes made except Dorsey’s epic beard. It is expected that the social networking site may finally get abundant new users in 2016 with all these changes taking shape.

Moments: Changing the reverse-chronological timeline

Twitter is gradually changing its typical reverse-chronological timeline by frequently adding more and more features. In October, it introduced Moments in the United States, which is a collection of popular tweets that are related to some specific events and news. This blue dot accompanying the Moments has made the app a window to have a glance at major events.

Previously, the app also started resurfacing some older tweets that users have missed when they were not available. With Moments, it again tries to tame the raging river that is the timeline of this app. Jack Dorsey further says that “Moments will bring a real shift in our thinking.”

Tweets beyond 140 characters

The social networking app will soon be brimming with longer tweets. According to sources, this social media website will soon ditch its 140 characters limit and will allow users to tweet about 10,000 characters in a single tweet. The insiders of the company refer this feature as “Beyond 140”.

At present, the company is testing this feature, keeping the look and feel as it is. It does not want to change the design of the User interface, so there is a possibility that it will keep the 140 characters tweet and further provide an option to expand it and view a detailed description of up to 10,000 characters. However, this character count may fluctuate to lesser or higher value.

According to sources, changing the design or making the tweets longer has decreased user engagement in the past. It is obvious that if the tweets will have more content, user’s will take more time to go through each one of them and that will result in lesser engagement. So, the solution is to include more content without changing the design of your timeline.

Replacing Faves with Likes

The social networking site is not afraid of dumping its most established features. It recently replaced its star-shaped “fave” button with a heart-shaped “like” button. “Like” button is more popular among Facebook users, but Twitter did not hesitate to change its already established “fave” button with something that is more popular with Facebook users.

Many existing users were not happy with this change and expressed it via Tweets. However, this new button helped the app to increase user engagement, which is what the company really wanted.

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