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How to develop negotiation skills

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Develop Negotiation Skills

Strong negotiation skills are enormously advantageous throughout one’s life, right from the boardroom to the bar. But, some people lack the required skills to grab the deal or to make their point.

If you think about it, we negotiate in various ways almost every day. From waking up and asking a family member to let the dog out to conflict resolution and dealing with vendors or customers. The real challenge of negotiation is to get what you want or need, without neglecting what other person needs or wants.

Here are some of the things that you should consider to improve your negotiation skills to keep your point in a better way.


It is really important to listen; experts say that listening is a truly underrated skill. Listening to the other person might be tough at times, especially when you are too eager to prove your point. But listening to another party will make them feel respected and it will build trust, which is a must during negotiation. You can also repeat some of the things that the other party said to confirm that you are listening to their points and understand them properly.

Come up with a Win-Win Outcome

At times, you are so focused on proving your point that you completely neglect other person’s opinion. Always seek a win-win outcome in negotiating for a deal. You may think that how can one get a win-win solution to any problem as it seems to go against the purpose of negotiation. In fact, negotiators who provide a win-win solution to any bargaining are the most successful ones.

Search for similarities

When you are negotiating with another party, try to understand their perspective and lookout for similar things that you share with them. When you have a commonality or share a common interest, the other party will have a tough time in disagreeing with you.

Acknowledge objections

The other party will surely try to end the negotiation before you can get what you want by offering an objection or a counter argument to your suggestion. Many people give up after hearing such arguments, but you should acknowledge it instead. Acknowledging the objections is one of the most important negotiation skills that makes the other party feel heard and will avoid ending the discussion.

Explore other possibilities

Sometimes we stick to a single point while bargaining and miss to consider various other possibilities. Considering other options can help you to negotiate outside the box. By thinking outside the box, you may have more to offer than what initially was on the table and may increase the probability of succeeding in the negotiation.

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