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How to attain Career Growth without becoming a Workaholic

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Attaining career growth includes working for more hours, accepting more projects, and sticking to your job all the time, right? Not necessarily. People who consider office as their first home and are found working on one project or the other often fail to consider the things that really matter in advancing their career.

Being 100% dedicated to your work does not guarantee a promotion. But is there any easier way to get career growth without making work your life? Here are some ways in which you can advance your career without being a workaholic:

Increase engagement instead of working hours

Plainly working for longer hours will not get noticed by your managers. If you be more engaged to your work, it will show up in your output, your relationships and behavior. How you contribute to company’s goals and how you genuinely take an interest in fostering company’s growth are much more important than being a workaholic and simply sitting at your desk.

Instead of working harder, work smarter

Managers no more expect you to be the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave. The work that you deliver and whether you are meeting deadlines is more significant than working for hours without efficiency. The ability to deliver more in the normal working hours is more valued than to give in more hours and deliver the same (or maybe worse).

Nurture relationships

Your attitude and relationships matter equally. So make use of dead time to build relationships, not only with your seniors but also with people who work for you. You may also invite some of the co-workers for coffee or lunch. When it’s time for a promotion, these relationships may help you in career advancement when feedbacks are taken from your colleagues and teams.

Accept challenges

Simply waiting for others to raise their hand whenever some challenging task is assigned won’t help you attain career growth while raising your hand before someone else grabs the opportunity may help you broaden your skills. Let the decision makers know that you are willing to accept challenges and make them know that they can count on you while considering growth of the company. Taking greater responsibilities will only make you a better leader and push you further in your career.

Present your opinion

Taking responsibilities does not require you to nod your head to anything and everything that your seniors say. If you have a better idea, come forward and share it with others without the fear of your idea being rejected. Be strategic about the things before giving it a nod. Industry leaders know when to say ‘No’ and raise their voice and make sure that it’s heard.

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