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How is Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ New Cloud Service better?

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Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Verizon Enterprise launched new cloud service today. It’s advanced cloud service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and cloud-based object storage service. The infrastructure as a service will cater to large enterprises, mid-size companies and small development shops, giving them a great degree of flexibility as well as enhanced speed and performance.  It will be competitive on pricing and will mainly handle enterprise workloads, adhere to regulations and provide customers control over virtual machine provisioning.

"Verizon introduces the new cloud service, now we're recreating it," said John Stratton, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "This is the revolution in cloud services that enterprises have been calling for. We took feedback from our enterprise clients across the globe and built a new cloud platform from the bottom up to deliver the attributes they require."

Verizon introduces two key advanced cloud services: Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage. Verizon Cloud Compute is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform while Verizon Cloud Storage is an object-based storage service.

These new cloud services are supported by the technical and operation experience of Verizon and backed by the company’s global IP network, global data centers and managed security services.


Verizon Cloud Compute

Verizon enterprise  Cloud Compute is developed for speed and execution. Software based computers and servers can be built and displayed in just a few seconds, and users create and pay for what they need. Even during peak times users can ascertain and fix virtual machine and network performance  thereby providing predictable execution for crucial applications. In addition, users can also configure these Advanced cloud service for storage performance and connect storage to numerous virtual machines. Initially, cloud services had pre-set configurations for size (small, medium, large) and performance, with least agility regarding virtual machine and network performance and storage configuration. None of the cloud service offering provides this level of control.


Verizon Cloud Storage

Verizon Cloud Storage service is an object addressable, multitenant storage platform offering secure, lasting, reliable and profitable storage accessible from anywhere on the Web. Object storage is extra sturdy and Web-traffic reliable, making it perfect for cloud-based applications. Verizon Cloud Storage prevails upon concealed issues that have afflicted various traditional storage offerings, providing better performance.

Companies willing to access with either of these new cloud services Verizon Cloud Compute or Verizon Cloud Storage can sign up to be a beta customer through the Verizon broadband and communication group’s website and those Companies with immediate cloud needs can use Verizon Enterprise Cloud. The sign-up and customer service experience is managed completely online.  The system has been designed to assist millions of users in each place.

The users in U.S. will get the most access as of now, with four available cloud service regions. The EMEA will have two available cloud regions, and another cloud region in Brazil. In the APEC region the Verizon Terremark cloud services will be available only in 2014.

Verizon shares went up 22 cents, or 0.47%, at Thursday’s close.  At present the stock is up 8.6% on the year.

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