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How CEOs Can Stay Motivated in Crisis

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The word crisis is common in every organization and suggests a temporary condition. From small to big, startup, and established, a period of danger or intense difficulty is completely inevitable. And most times, we want to quit and accept defeat instead of fighting back for stability when we are hit with a crisis.

Motivation usually begins by accepting that crisis is only a temporary moment. Secondly, it's not a new thing in the business environment. Even the biggest companies doing very well are susceptible to crisis. It is usually sudden and not optional. Let’s look at how CEOs can stay motivated in crisis.

Rediscover who they are

Motivation begins when we measure who we are with the established goals. At this time, the best shot to stay motivated is seeing the possibilities once again. CEOs take this moment to rediscover themselves; who they are why they believe the crisis is only a temporary moment. This time, they draw energy from the inside to develop models which should be implemented to tackle the difficult time. The motivation here is ignited by the hope and reassurance that they have the requirements to prevail.

Motivation Crisis CEO

CEOs must rediscover who they are and stay motivated in crisis

Focus on small success daily

A crisis has ways of making one feel like resolving every pressing challenge at once. But in reality, that's like blowing up the entire situation. Trying to carrying out a task that should've ordinarily taken your employees two weeks in one day is a way to cause more roadblocks and create more anxiety. CEOs focus on the most vital and small piece of task daily and that provides a swift means to tackle the crisis while remaining also serving as motivation for completing your daily task. Assigning more than your workforce can handle portrays a stagnant position which drops your morale. According to Fast Company, “Small wins matter big. It’s that tinge of excitement that helps us move forward during that long, uphill battle. Small wins signal to our brain that progress is happening and big results are just around the corner.” Now that’s motivation.

Spotlight every success

A huge part of the motivation is to see others work like they are almost at the finish line of a hard time. This is what CEOs achieve by highlighting every little success made during this time. It gives the employees more energy and reason to work harder. It renews the hope that a change is just around the corner and won't take long to achieve.

Rely on the situation for transformation

Recognizing that crisis provides the opportunity to have a reform in your workforce is a positive feeling and leaves every CEO with a lot of motivation. It’s a moment to implement some level of energy into your workforce. And motivation comes from seeing a good side of the crisis which is energy reform and creation of a more competitive brand or services. It can also help to implement new cultural practices which the employees will fit in with easily responding to a hard time.

Consult with other peers and CEOs

Most CEOs also gain motivation by sharing their moments with other CEOs in similar business, mostly if they belong to a CEO club or association. There are chances that a lot of them have faced similar crises. They simply share how they managed to pull through and offer their experiences. This provides a quick path to evaluate for direct implementation while also offering loads of motivation.

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