Honda Clarity: Electric Car which emits Pure Water instead of Carbon
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Honda is particularly known for its luxurious sedans at affordable prices in comparison to other multinational automobile companies. Keeping in mind the requirement of the Earth’s environment, this Japanese company decided to invest $85 million in hydrogen cars in the beginning of 2017. True to its word, the results after this investment are already visible. The 2017 Honda Clarity is a next-generation mid-size sedan. This green model retains the look of the classic Honda sedan, but is evolutionarily advanced. This electric car stands out as it comes with a hydrogen fuel cell. This means that instead of plugging it to an electric grid to charge, its hydrogen fuel cell not only provides 1.7 kilowatt battery but also powers the front wheels.

Honda Clarity03

Honda Clarity claims to be the next-gen electric car.

Another unique aspect of this electric car is that Honda is being picky about who can own it. Only those people who have a hydrogen fueling station within 10 miles of their residence or office are eligible to sign up for this car. The initial distributors of the model will be in California. This gives an exclusive feel to the automobile which adds to its appeal. This green model is a successor of the FCX Clarity that was produced only in limited quantities from 2008 to 2014. As soon as one turns the ignition key, this car starts its engine in a noiseless manner and begins running smoothly on the road. It works on the concept of converting hydrogen fuel into electricity. This electricity drives the wheels which only emits pure water from its tailpipe emission. Therefore no harm caused to the environment.

Honda Clarity02

It is a hydrogen car with the ease of a classic Honda sedan.

2017 Honda Clarity features

The Honda Clarity is a four-door premium sedan which is a combination of cutting-edge technology along with the familiarity of a classic sedan. The company boasts that this model will have an EPA of estimated 366 miles on a single tank of pressurized hydrogen gas. This number is way higher than any other electric car can ever claim. Though none of the authorities have released it price, experts believe that it will cost close to $60,000. The total hydrogen will be stored in two high-pressure tanks situated near the rear part of the body. The total fuel capacity is 5 kilograms that will take less than five minutes to fill at the hydrogen pump.

Honda Clarity01

It can run for an estimated 366 miles on a single tank of pressurized hydrogen gas.

This car which can seat five people has hydrogen fuel tanks made from lightweight and resilient carbon fiber. These tanks are mounted securely to protect them in case of a massive outside impact on the car. This ensures the safety of a gas engine. The HondaLink app helps the user check the locations of the nearby hydrogen fuel pumps as well. A major drawback of the Honda Clarity is that it can only run for 80 miles on a single charge. This means it is only fit to run inside the city’s vicinity as it needs frequent charging.

It is still uncertain if this piece of auto technology will be worth the price to save the environment. To make it a success, the company needs to improve on its single charge capacity. Low availability of hydrogen fuel stations is also a hindrance.

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