Honda Civic Si Ups the Game of a Regular Sedan
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The Civic range by Honda has been one of the most popular series of cars by the company which is known for its expertise in sedans. Whenever the range would be withdrawn from the market, there would be a disappointed sigh among its fans. Owing to its popularity, there have been ten generations of Honda Civic within 40 years. This itself gives us an idea about the high demand of the Civic which resulted in the need for regular upgrades. Earlier this month, the Japanese automaker unveiled Honda Civic Type R which promises a powerful performance on the racetrack as well. Now we have the Honda Civic Si which focuses on the everyday use of a car.

On 13th May 2017, the Honda Civic Si went on sale among Honda dealers. In the recent months, Honda has come up with fancy cars with high power and expensive price range. The Civic Si is quite different in terms of features and the population it will cater to. It has improvisations from the previous generations but despite this, it is a car which one would see more on the busy roads of the city than highways or uneven terrains. A glimpse at the features as well as the car would give us an idea that this model keeps up with the simple yet impressive name of the Honda Civic range with required updates.


This Civic is available at an affordable price of $23,900.

Honda Civic Si features

Usually known for its smooth and sleek finish in a sedan, the Honda Civic Si is a little unique. The front and rear fascias of this car are more aggressive than usual. Unlike the subtle design, the air ducts here are quite prominent. The grille texture which was earlier chrome is now gloss black for a sportier look. One can notice the addition of a rear spoiler in this model. The usual tires have undergone an upgrade to 235/40R18 in order to enhance the stance of the car and aggressive handling. With a center outlet exhaust around the chrome, we can get a picture that this model has a sporty nature. The interior of the car sports the black and red color scheme. The car has two driving modes to choose from, “Normal” and “Sport”. The cluster accents are blue in the Normal mode whereas red in the Sport mode.

The most important aspect of this new model is that the engine has been updated. The engine is now powered by a 205-horsepower 1.5L 4-cylinder turbo. The mid-range torque is also improved in a substantial manner that has made the car more flexible. The 6-speed manual transmission was already commendable but it now also comes with a definite short stroke gear change. The discs of the front gear are capable of growing from 1.2-inches to a 12.3-inches diameter according to the need. Also, the Honda Civic Si consists of an exclusive suspension accompanied with stabilizer bars, shocks, and unique springs. According to its features, this Civic is available at an affordable price of $23,900.


The interior of the car sports the black and red color scheme.

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