Health Tips for Busy, On-The-Go Professionals
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Health Tips

Health Tips

There might be days when you just don’t feel right. I have had the most tedious jobs of all. Ah! I know everyone thinks the same, and so do you. But seriously, I have been into this profession for almost five years now and have spent nights together writing pieces and rewriting them. Even though writing has always given me pleasure and satisfaction, there had been things all through the way which bothered me day in and day out.

I used to be constantly tired, sometimes moody and always craving sugar and I became wildly addicted to ‘energy’ bars. I fell out of balance and I knew that something had to change. Many business magazines kind of frustrate us by providing health tips and exercise regimens for work and then adding: “You can do this exercise in your office!” But what about those who work in a cube or other small space with absolutely no floor space for Pilates-style stretches that's not very private. Do you really want your boss and colleagues to wander by right when you're doing jumping jacks?

Stress is one of the most vital ingredients that make you unhealthy. Health tips have become a must to bring some resemblance of order and organizing in our busy lives. Stress management is a serious issue that can be handled just by having some fun. We usually can talk about how we should try to reduce stress and how important is relaxation for health, but we never think of what to do with the stress that already exists in our life. And now, for this we need de stress health tips.

There are a few health tips that might have been repeated like a hundred times in quite a lot of food and beverage magazines. But, have you ever thought why? Its because these are the most essential ones.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water as hydration is very important for our cells and our skin and is critical for proper body and brain functioning. Increase your water intake slowly. Drink one glass before each meal. You’ll feel amazing in no time!

Exercise whenever you get time

Take out time to exercise. It gets our blood flowing and re-energizes us. Even if you only have a few minutes per day, don’t waste it! Take a brisk walk around the block, do sit ups, push-ups or jumping jacks, dance, jump rope or just move! If you have to take an elevator or escalator at work or at home, consider walking up a few stairs instead.

There are a few tips which might, in the first place, seem weird but, eventually would make it all ‘right’ for you. Your filing spaces are your friends. Most cubical have at least two drawers.

The health drawer

Make one of them a ‘health’ drawer. Keep a zip-lock packet or two with healthy non-perishable snacks in it, maybe dried veggies, a few bags of non-caffeinated, herbal tea and a travel-size hand-sanitizing gel for use regularly when there's a cold going around the office. Well if you are not aware, most colds are transmitted through shared objects like doorknobs. A bag with an extra pair of athletic shoes, if you can take a 10 minute walk or stretch break over lunch, would be just great.

Green Veggies

Keep a container of field green veggies in your refrigerator. Try and include little portions of these greens with every meal that you eat. And why would you do so? Well, eating fresh, raw, green veggies will provide you with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, all of which can help offset the negative health effects of being overworked and over-stressed.

Yoga is believed to be highly effective for relaxation. Instead of going to the gym which you probably try to avoid, do some meditation or power yoga.

Ideally, these tips are best integrated into a lifestyle that allows for most favorable physical and emotional rest. We believe that the body is always at work to keep itself well; the key is to give it the rest. Make a resolution and try these health tips one by one. Stick to it and when you’re ready, add one more tip. To be healthy and stay healthy we must exert a little effort, but it is well worth it. Don’t forget ‘Life is Precious’.


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