This Health Insurance Startup Provides Medical History in Case of Emergency
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Medical advancement is one of the most important boons of technology that could have happened to mankind. Major breakthroughs in medicine have transformed the life expectancy of people suffering from serious diseases. While on the other hand, global warming and other such factors have also accelerated the rate of diseases which are spread among humans. In this fast-moving world, people are so busy with their professional choices that they often miss out on taking care of themselves in the long run. This also leads to the birth of diseases in one’s body. Such a situation makes it essential for the individual to sign up for a health insurance. And this health insurance startup makes everything much smoother for you.

Oscar Health is a health insurance startup which is a part of that group of medical startups which are trying to make medical services easier for people. Whenever someone is in pain, it would be a nuisance if he had to go through the process of giving data to his doctor at a time when he’s ailing. This health insurance startup tries to streamline his process and has also been successful at a great extent. It collects healthcare data to provide it to the doctor when need arises. The startup is currently worth $2.7 billion.


The startup is currently worth $2.7 billion.

How does the health insurance startup function?

In case of an emergency, it is not certain that only your family doctor will treat you. The doctor that is closest available may be in charge of your health. It is important for this doctor to get a background about your physical condition and you may not be in a state to explain it. This is when this health insurance startup proves to be useful. You may fall sick in any part of the world and the doctor treating you will have ample of data about your medical history thanks to Oscar Health.

Medical history is made available to the doctors in the form of electronic health records. Oscar Health puts together all such data on a single platform so that it is easy to find in case of an emergency. This startup mainly takes care of health insurance claims. It feeds the data of the person signing up for the insurance on a single platform. This data is then made available whenever the person claims his insurance. This health insurance can help save time and lives by providing medical history in a speedy manner.

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