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Heading off to a work-free weekend

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While it’s true that we can potentially get a lot of work done over the weekend, it may not be in our best interest to abstain from taking a break from work. If you don’t have a bit of dedicated time off work where you can relax and just be, you’re officially setting yourself up towards a life of ensuing burnout. Below are some key benefits of enjoying a guilt-free, work-free weekend.


We’re humans, not machines, and this is how our body cycle works – rest, sleep and work. It’s essential to have a day or two off from work. This helps in not only giving the mind and body the rest that needs, but also the impactful gift of perspective. All those work issues that looked like a massive mess on Friday evening, will suddenly look like something much more a manageable on Monday, now that you’re in a better state of mind to handle them.

Heading off to a work-free weekend


Once you start working even on weekends, you’ll make it less likely to make a commitment to important people in your life. In turn, these people are less likely to invite you to significant occasions since you’ve typically put yourself in a state where you’re always busy – even on weekends. Keep some time off for friends and family, and people you haven’t met in a while. Use your weekends to develop deep, meaningful relationships.

You should leave enough time in your schedule to get things done at home during the weekend. Once you open up space in your schedule, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish over the weekend – it’s all kinds of things that you’ve always shot down – tax filing, organizing your drawers, etc.

enjoy a work-free weekend

The key to enjoying a perfect work-free weekend lies in smartly investing your time during the week. Schedule your work ahead, before the week starts. Look your calendar, and check if you have some free time between meetings. Push forward, squeeze in projects that can be done within that time, and mark these times as busy, so that nobody overbooks them.

This is something we all need to do – not letting others take control of our time. Moreover, avoid spending your weekend answering emails by cutting out designed times during the week to go through your inbox. Give 10-15 minutes of your day between Monday to Friday answering to emails.


Here’s the most important tip: unexpected activities or work is always going to show up, no matter how hard you try to free yourself off work before the work-free weekend starts. Estimates go wrong. You get caught up in unexpected work. The solution to such problems is not to curse yourself, but to leave some margin for unexpected work that might show up.

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Make personal plans for the weekend. Commit yourself into doing something fun. It could be a work-free weekend trip with your family, or simply meeting an old friend for brunch. Put down these commitments on the calendar, so that you know that you’re spending your time that way you want. It may take some time and efforts to break the habit of taking your mind off from work during the weekend, but it’s worth it.

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