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HBO NOW Earns More from its New Standalone Streaming Service

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HBO NOW is the highest-grossing app globally on iOS devices

HBO premium content officially embraced cord cutters in April, when it discharged HBO NOW - a standalone subscription streaming service, which does not require cable to access live stream content. Presently, it seems that the company is paying dividends. App Annie reported that the HBO NOW app bested their income graph for iOS applications a month ago.

Two months after its launch, HBO’s new standalone streaming service seems to be profiting from its service. According to App Annie - a research firm that tracks app downloads and sales, in May; HBO NOW was the highest-grossing app globally on iOS.

The application launched with a three-month exclusivity deal with Apple - for Apple iOS and Apple TV - so the iOS chart is the most precise indicator of how consumers are responding to HBO.

The app costs $14.99 per month, except those individuals, who subscribed early got a free month of service. HBO NOW costs significantly more, compared to the typical online apps people download from web. Yet, the new service managed to crest other streaming platforms such as Hulu and Spotify, which cost between $13 and $8, respectively, per month in the App Store. This strategy positively reeled in customers, as App Annie reports that the application shot up to the number two spot for daily gross in the United States on May 7.

Currently, it stays to notice; whether those subscribers forgot to scratch off their subscriptions, or not. But, App Annie revealed to a source that the application is still performing great in June. HBO NOW has been the top-netting entertainment iOS application for the month of June.

The app gives viewers access to the majority of HBO's past and current original content, in addition to selecting movies on the side. However, a great part of the allure doesn't come from HBO's back catalog; selections of which were available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. But, it was from the new show.

Furthermore, with HBO’s most successful drama fantasy television series Game of Thrones completing its fifth season ending this month, HBO will need to keep up its audience's interest going ahead, but it as of now seems to be headed toward a fabulous start.

At present, Apple device are still the easiest way to access HBO NOW, without having it packed with something else. Optimum sells the service by appending its Internet package, and Sling TV provides it with a package of other channels delivered online.

Soon, Google Inc. is likewise planning to launch the service on Chromecast, and Google Android devices.

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