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Green Mountain Energy – Cleaner electricity today, Bluer skies tomorrow.
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Green Mountain Energy _ Gladys Porter Zoo

Green Mountain Energy _ Gladys Porter Zoo

Green Mountain Energy offers customers more than just another choice in energy providers. Green Mountain Energy offer its customers the opportunity to make a difference for the environment by supporting cleaner, renewable sources of energy instead of limited and polluting fossil fuels. The customers of Green Mountain Energy get reliable service at competitive rates, but they also get the chance to support a company that has been 100% committed to changing the way power is made, since 1997.

Management at Green Mountain hold themselves to the highest standards in terms of how they run their business and interact with their customers and the community, as well as the impact they have on the environment.

Green Mountain Energy is very particular when it comes to their company values. Integrity is the foundation of Green Mountain Energyโ€™s business. The company will adhere, individually and collectively, to their commitments, their values, and the ethical conduct of their business. Green Mountain Energy is dedicated to the environment and maintaining lasting, mutually beneficial relationships in all aspects of their business.

Paul Thomas, President at Green Mountain Energy said, โ€œTo customers, we are committed to providing quality products and services that consistently represent an exceptional value and result in high customer satisfaction.ย To society, we are committed to improving the environment through the products we sell and how we conduct our business.ย To employees, we are committed to offering a rewarding workplace that encourages mutual respect, communication, openness to challenge, and the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.ย To our investors, we are committed to creating value and consistently delivering outstanding financial returns".

Green Mountain Energy Company is committed to maintaining its position as the nationโ€™s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions. The company has two primary business units: residential and commercial energy.ย  Green Mountain offers retail customers inย  competitive markets in Texas and New York City cleaner energy via direct access retail electric service.

In traditional markets, Green Mountain partners with utilities who want to offer renewable energy products to their customers. They partner with Portland General Electric, which has the nation's #1 ranked green pricing program among investor-owned utilities. Green Mountain also partners with utilities in New York and New Jersey running multi-supplier green pricing programs.

Green Mountain offers renewable energy certificates and carbon offset products to help reduce the environmental impact of everyday activities like electricity use, driving and flying.

Green Mountain Energy is one of the premier retail providers of energy products to businesses and institutions, primarily focusing on the competitive electricity markets in Texas and New York City. Outside of the Texas and New York City regions, Green Mountain offers innovative and cost effective carbon reduction solutions to commercial sector clients seeking to improve their environmental position. In addition to carbon offset and renewable energy certificate (REC) products, Green Mountain provides a comprehensive suite of consulting and other services including assistance with green marketing strategy, corporate sustainability reporting, and voluntary emissions reporting.

Green Mountain Energy Company shares its customersโ€™ commitment to the environment. Scott Hart, President of Commercial Services at Green Mountain said, โ€œWe are inspired by the success that we have already achieved together, and are passionate about continuing to work towards changing the way power is made. In addition to the pursuit of this important mission, we believe in operating our company in a sustainable way.โ€

They are committed to product integrity. In order to reinforce its commitment, Green Mountain hires an independent third-party auditor to ensure its renewable energy and carbon offset purchases accurately match its retail sales volumes. The audit includes examination and testing of the records, including customer sales records, renewable energy credit and carbon offset purchase contracts and attestations, and product content labels. Green Mountain Energy conducts this "green audit" on an annual basis.

Paul N. Markovich, President of Residential Service at Green Mountain said, โ€œGreen Mountain walks the talkโ€. ย Green Mountain Energy Company achieved the Silver certification level for the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the interior space of its corporate headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas. At the time of construction, the office was only the 2nd LEED Silver Commercial Interior rated space in Texas.

Earth Day is their favorite holiday! Thatโ€™s when the main company celebration takes place, which usually includes a variety of activities, such as workshops, speakers, nature trail cleanups and environmentally-friendly gifts for all employees.

They use environmentally preferable printing methods whenever possible, including using soy-based inks on paper made with at least 50% post-consumer fiber and benign whitening products. The durable goods purchased must be made free of child labor and with no old-growth forest content.


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