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How Great Leaders Motivate People

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Great leaders refer their achievements to the employees. Do you know why? They didn't manage only themselves to be successful. Being successful as a manager means you are able to manage a team to drive your required workforce. However, to gain a quality workforce or good productivity, there must be a soaring level of motivation. There's no way around it, great leaders motivate employees to achieve more. That's the secret! It's a very crucial managerial role in every organization and a quality determines the extent of achievements. Leaders that fail to motivate employees do not only suffer low productivity, they are doomed to increased employee turnover while exposing their business to high risk of failure.

Employee motivation does not require so much to funding. You either spend a little or nothing to motivate employees. A walk across your departments and short cheerful conversations would be enough to motivate employees. Here's the secret below.

Good communication

Great leaders do not assume that the employees are following up with work progress all the time. They communicate! Employees need to know when their contribution has yielded high and when it's bringing a little. Communicating with your employees about work progress make them feel valued and part of your team. The face-to-face communication also provides the chance to thank them one-on-one for their efforts and to encourage them directly, not just via emails.

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Billionaire Virgin entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson

Avoid dumb corporate policies

Of course, there are dumb corporate policies that demotivate employees and it's hard to believe that some offices are blowing away motivation ignorantly with them. Great leaders scrutinize their corporate policies to ensure they achieve a workplace where employees feel happy to be. Incorporating fun time, flexible work hours, and the avoidance of micromanaging are a few to mention that will motivate employees as you avoid rules that will pose threat to work-life balance.

Recognize their achievements

Appreciation is the only way to encourage someone to do more, and every great manager would tell you it's a magic tool. The truth is clear; sometimes employees need to give in extra time to ensure that a project is delivered. Do you just leave those contributions as an ingrate? Great leaders do not remain calm after the achievements. They say thank you! Recognition of outstanding members is also necessary but not in a fashion that would mock others. Offer incentives when necessary and note that every member of your team deserves your recognition.

Be a mentor

Managers are always seen as mentors and if you can't represent that to your employees, they don't just fail but seek for another mentor by leaving. Great managers spend some time with the employees, (one-on-one) to help them develop paths for growth. Great managers do not see their workers as their subordinates forever. They encourage them to grow beyond what they have achieved.

Create advancement opportunities

Any opportunity to grow is a great deal for every employee since it offers credentials for a new challenge and a new skill. Great managers motivate employees by offering opportunities to grow. Advancement opportunities motivate employees to perform better for new levels while giving them hope to have new responsibilities, more recognition and career success.

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