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Googleโ€™s Rumored Android Wear Smartwatches Leaked in Images
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Last week, there were reports of Google Android wear for smartwatches surfacing online, and now leaked images of the two wearables have made their way to the Web showcasing the possible look of the two watches which will be of differing sizes. They are codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish and will also be outfitted with the Google Assistant software which was announced at Google I/O. The two smartwatches are expected to launch after the Nexus devices in fall this year.

Google android wear smartwatches


The images published online by Android Police shows what the two new Android Wear devices may look like. The Google Android Wear smartwatches have been recreated based on information gathered by Android Police from its anonymous source. The render drawn up by the website is an accurate representation of the leak, however the site warns that the devices are still under development and therefore it does not guarantee that the final product may look the same.


The larger and thicker of the two, Angelfish is the high-end variant of the two smartwatches. It is much sportier with prominent button on the left and a small shoulder button on top and bottom. The watch will reportedly not use Google's Android Wear MODE interchangeable watch bands, i.e. no removable straps. It includes a number of more advanced features, such as LTE support, GPS, and a heart rate monitor and will come with cellular connectivity to have the capacity to operate standalone without pairing with a smartphone.


Meanwhile, the smaller watch Swordfish will be significantly thinner and lighter, while also offering support for Googleโ€™s Android Wear MODE bands, according to the report. This is expected to be a more traditional Android Wear device, and will possibly come in at a cheaper price point which is for everyone, while the Angelfish is targeted for more active users. The watch features a single button protruding to the left and has a circular display bezel. It has been reported that Google has tried to manage the flat-tyre design issue by incorporating a thick bezel between the display and ring, which means that there will be a little gap between the display and the bezel. The black gap before the display begins effectively removes Motorola's flat tyre design, making the display screen look much smaller. Swordfish will be compatible with Android Wear Mode watch bands. It will not support GPS and LTE, and may not even include a heart rate monitor.

Similar to all smartwatches, the Google Android Wear smartwatches are said to feature fitness tracker and will apparently support Googleโ€™s new Assistant platform, the more advanced version of Google Now, and will run Android Wear 2.0.

There is no word as far as the branding of these Google Android Wear smartwatches are concerned. Whether the company will call it Nexus, Pixel, or even just Google is not yet known, however, it is believed that the tech giant will stick to its own name, as has been the case with their devices besides smartphones. The cost, availability, or technical spec details are yet to be revealed.

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