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Google’s OnHub Wireless Router Promises Faster Wi-Fi and Simpler Setup

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Google onhub wifi router

(Source: Google Blog)

Google on Tuesday announced that it's making a Wi-Fi router designed to make it as easy as possible for users to stay connected to the Internet, the latest move by the company to get ready for the connected home and allure more users to its services.

The Wi-Fi router also known as OnHub is expected to simplify wireless connections and will also act as a hub for smart home appliances. Google is partnering with TP-Link for the smarter and more secure OnHub which is available for immediate preorder. The cylindrical OnHub costs around $199.99 and is also easier to use than existing routers.

According to Google, OnHub’s software will be updated on a regular basis and the product will automatically adapt to the changing needs of its owners. The principle mimics the automatic software upgrades the company makes to its Chrome browser and PCs running on its Chrome operating system, Google product manager Trond Wuellner, said in a blog post.

According to Wuellner, OnHub’s updates will also include the latest security upgrades, which will load and install without disturbing the connection. Another more interesting feature that Google mentions in the blog is that the router will support smart households, whether they use Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave, or 802.15.4 wireless networking technology, which could eventually allow OnHub to serve as a smart home hub.

The device router comes with in-built antennas that will scan the airwaves every five minutes to spot the least congested wireless channel, letting users prioritize different devices so that their computers or smartphones can get the fastest Internet speeds for data-heavy activities like streaming a movie or downloading content. Also in the works are new OnHub devices in consolidation with other hardware partners, including ASUS.

According to Google, OnHub can be set up within three minutes or less and can be managed with the Google On mobile app that also works on Apple's iPhone as well as devices running on Google's Android software.

The Wi-Fi router launch comes days after the search giant re-established itself by creating Alphabet Inc, a holding company to integrate its many subsidiaries and separate the core web advertising business from newer endeavours such as driverless cars.

OnHub can be pre-ordered at a number of online retailers including the Google Store, Inc and The device will go on sale in stores in the U.S. and Canada later this month or early September.

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