Google releases new updated search algorithm; Hummingbird
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Google Algorithm Hummingbird

Google Algorithm Hummingbird

Google releases new search engine update 'Hummingbird' with upgraded algorithm  that provides more accurate answers to complex questions. The service has already been active for a month, however, it was only announced publically to reporters on Thursday.

Google released new algorithm Hummingbird at a Silicon Valley event held to mark the search engine leader's 15th birthday in the Menlo Park, Calif. garage where CEO Larry Page and fellow co-founder Sergey Brin started the company 15 years ago.

A Google spokesperson stated that the newly released Hummingbird algorithm“makes results more useful and relevant, especially when you ask Google long, complex questions.”

“Hummingbird pays more attention to each word in the query, ensuring the whole query is taken into account — so if a resulting page is a bit less strong in general, but it's the most relevant to your search terms, that's the result you'll get. And if there are plenty of relevant matches to your search terms, Hummingbird does a better job picking the strongest page for you,” he said.

The change is monumental, and it currently affects 90 percent of worldwide searches via Google, senior VP, Google Search Amit Singhal said.

Other than the Hummingbird updates, Google has also included features to its "Knowledge Graph" technology, which permits the search engine to deliver results directly on the query page.

The company has also come up with more voice features to its apps for mobile devices, so that the user can direct Google to add a reminder to his calendar even without touching the device.

Amit Singhal explained that Hummingbird is mainly aimed at giving Google’s search engine a better hold at understanding concepts instead of simply words. The change was necessary because people have become so inclined on the search Engine leader that they now routinely enter lengthy questions into the search box instead of just a few words related to a particular topic.

Just as Page and Brin set out to do when they started this search engine leader in a garage, “we want to keep getting better at helping you make the most of your life,” Singhal said.

According to the report, this big modification in the algorithm could also change the traffic status on the site and it might probably raise the price of Google ads linked to search requests if those websites whose rankings sink under the new system feel they have to buy the marketing messages to draw traffic.

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