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Google, Facebook, Microsoft And Others Collaborate For The Partnership On AI

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Artificial Intelligence is the latest technological development which seems to be promising as well. With this in mind, five of the world’s biggest technological companies have collaborated to shed light on this concept. The entities collaborating are Facebook, Google along with its DeepMind subsidiary, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. This group will develop a non-profit organization which will concentrate solely on AI research groups and academics. This collaboration is known as The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. It is also termed as the Partnership on AI. This project will be led by Microsoft Research Chief Eric Horvitz and DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman. Speculations suggest that Apple might join this group though nothing has been confirmed yet.

Objectives of the Partnership on AI

The Partnership on AI has two main focuses. The main concern is to educate people on the benefits of AI. This is to abolish the misinterpretation people have regarding AI. Sooner or later, AI might automate human labor and take over complex tasks. This might result in low demand for human employees thus threatening their means of income. This project will help in ensuring the public that AI will only prove to be beneficial for them.

The other focus of the Partnership on AI is to enable the world’s biggest technology houses to collaborate on the development of artificial intelligence. This will not only include big corporate firms but also experts in every field. By doing so, the artificial intelligence can be used to improve the efficiency of every field that involves technology. This might result in using this machine intelligence for better health care, transportation, education, home automation, etc.


Working of this Organization

The organization’s aim is to address opportunities and challenges with AI technology. Achievement of this goal will take place by conducting ample research, which will be available to the public as well. This will enable the public to understand artificial intelligence better. The topics related to AI which will be worked upon are ethics, privacy, transparency, the exchange of information between machine learning systems, and lastly collaboration between the people and AI. The collaboration also plans to host conferences, discussions, and outreach with the people.

The partnership on AI will not only concentrate on making the public aware of the developments of artificial intelligence. It will also support research in relation to AI and will make sure that this research is ethical as well as transparent. This project will provide an open platform to the researchers and other major figures of this industry to openly communicate. This step will promote  the exchange of ideas among the experts of AI and enhance development in the given field.

This collaboration will notably make people understand how artificial intelligence can make lives better in an efficient manner. It will also encourage scientific researchers to make productive developments in this field. In other words, this project aims at improving the quality of AI and also making people realize how important it is for better human life. It also plans on including other such companies in this collaboration if they are willing enough to contribute to the project.

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