Aspiring Business Leaders Worldwide Is Listed Partially Dangerous By, Well, Google
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Google’s Safe Browsing technology has been examining billions of URLs in a day, detecting unsafe websites. Plenty of websites which are marked as dangerous are often legitimate websites that have been compromised. But how would you react if “” is marked as dangerous by Google’s Safe Browsing technology itself?

If you think that’s not going to happen, well, it already has.

google safe browsing

You have to admire company’s honesty, when it’s own safe browsing tool is flagging “” as partially dangerous. So, does it imply that your computer is doomed if you need to Google search for that funny video that you found on YouTube with a dog or something? Like any other website, “” is unsafe only when in the wrong hands.

Here are the specific reasons why “” is partially dangerous:

reasons dangerous

And, ironically, here is the proof why “” and “” are not dangerous at all:



When it comes to the list of unsafe sites, the search engine giant is not alone; most popular sites like “” and “” are also listed as partially dangerous. The company also mentions that majority of such sites are safe, but sometimes it contains bad content uploaded by some of the users. According to this diagnosis, the platform may be used by people trying to scam you, redirecting you to unsafe websites, or making you download malicious software.

The Reddit user, who noticed this, also mentioned that “” is safe. But then users have to use that is bad in its own way.

This update clearly shows that internet browsing can never be 100% safe, even when the site you are using is owned by the greatest technology company that ever existed. So the only advice would be to surf safe, to put it in Google’s words: Don’t Panic.

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