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Google Calico Forges Partnership with C4 Therapeutics to beat Cancer
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Google Calico, a biotech company for research and development pertaining to aging and the diseases related to it; was founded on September 18, 2013, by Google (now Alphabet) and Arthur D. Levinson. Calico is derived from the acronym for โ€˜California Life Companyโ€™. As of 2015, Google announced restructuring into Alphabet; making Google and Calico its subsidiaries, amongst others.

C4 Therapeutics develops drugs based on Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD). Their focus is to target the difficult diseases and develop different therapies for serious conditions. C4 Therapeutics, on March 23; announced a five-year partnership with Calico on its official website. This collaboration is mainly to discover and develop along with commercializing the new therapies; that are helpful in treating diseases related to aging, as well as cancer. The companies are not aiming for a life-saving elixir, but for developing drugs to prevent the diseases.

Collaboration of Two Major Biotechs โ€“ Google Calico and C4T

google calico and c4t collaborate

Given the fact that Google Calico isย stealthy in nature; it has maintained that it will not disclose the financial and detailed dealsย and targets of the collaboration. Previously, the San Francisco biotech company has signed deals relevant to various life sciences with many companies and institutes. Calicoโ€™s deal with Californiaโ€™s QB3 explores the science behind age-related diseases and longevity. It has also collaborated with academic institutions like MITโ€™s Broad Institute, University of California/San Francisco, and Harvard for research at the discovery stage; and with companies like 2M, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and AbbVie.

These two life sciences companies will notably collaborate to discover and develop the protein degraders as therapeutic agents. Basically, this partnership is a combination of Calicoโ€™s expertise over the years; and C4 Therapeutics advancement in biochemistry, pharmacology, and chemistry, etc. Google Calico will head the responsibility of the clinical development of medicines developed and its commercialization. While the responsibility of discovery and research will be on the shoulders of C4 Therapeutics.

Development of New Therapeutics

The research will be carried out at the labs of both the biotechs; at Calicoโ€™s CA labs in San Francisco, and at C4Tโ€™s labs in Cambridge, MA. A fleet of scientist ranging from fields like drug development, molecular biology, system biology, and medicine; to the fields of computational biology, DNA and genetic research will work on the same.

Cancer and researches related to this disease have remained a fervent topic for a very long time now. Many life sciences, pharmacy companies, and system biology researchers have explored the vast horizons of Cancer. The partnership of Calico and C4T will not only develop therapeutics for Cancer; but also for Alzheimerโ€™s and Parkinsonโ€™s amongst other age-related diseases. With the World Cancer Day held just last month and every year on February 4; the news of this collaboration is another significant hope for the advancement in research involving Cancer and other age-related horrendous diseases.

New Rays of Hope

google calico partners with c4t

The President and Chief Scientific Officer of C4T, Andrew Phillips; mentioned that they are thrilled to partner with Calico to pioneer novel therapeutics. Additionally, Hal Barron, the President of Research and Development at Calico; expressed that it is a challenge to find the effective pharmacologic inhibitors for the biologically well-validated targets in cancer as well as other diseases. He added that the alternative strategy which specifically targets degradation proteins; will give the opportunity of identifying and developing new therapeutics.

Calico and C4T will jointly pursue the pre-clinical experiments for small molecules of protein degraders. They have a sky soaring goal to achieve, and we believe that their expertise and clinical assistance will help them do so over the years.

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