Google Acquires Media Streaming Company Anvato to Expand its Cloud
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In an interesting move, Google has purchased a video software company called Anvato that provides streaming, editing, and publishing and delivering over-the-top (OTT) video.

With this new addition to the Cloud Platform, Google believes that the acquisition will prove worthy in allowing active media processing in the cloud. The video software company has worked with big players such as NBC Universal, Fox Sports, Media General, Univision, Cox Media, CBS Local Media, and Telemundo, among others. The specialized firm sells software that automates encode, edit, and distribute media content to various operating systems, desktop, and connected devices.


The Mountain View company, whose cloud business lags behind those of Microsoft and expects to bring in more media companies to host and serve video on its cloud. That’s crucial because as more video shifts from standard television to online, media companies will require to look to the cloud.

Anvato does have a sizeable customer base of their own and will still continue to serve them as before the acquisition. The company will also lend their hardware and engineering expertise to Google to expand the cloud offerings. Displaying video seamlessly without any glitches is the top most demand for companies using the cloud platform. The search giant addressed the issue like any tech company by acquiring a specialized firm to do the job.

Anvato does have a sizeable customer base of their own and will continue to serve them even after the acquisition is complete, while also offering their hardware and engineering expertise to Google to help them boost their over the top video offerings.

With the search giant purchasing Anvato to feed its cloud, the startup has become one of the key players in the video services industry. Both the companies will consolidate to offer cloud solutions for media and entertainment businesses. Their clients will be able to scale and then deliver their high-quality content to their own customers on any kind of device.

According to senior Product Manager for the search giant’s Cloud Platform, Belwadi Srikanth, the cloud team is devoted to helping customers in the media and entertainment industry handle their infrastructure in a more efficient manner, prepare servers and networks at swift pace and draw out unnecessary overhead.

The company blog post also mentions that more details about the acquisition will be disclosed in the coming months, which likely points out a gradual release of Anvato’s services and inventory in their own product. This does make sense because the products will have to be very carefully incorporated  with Google’s own existing cloud offerings to evade any possible conflicts and to augment the new services for a good balance between overhead management and customer experience.

The latest buy out of Anvato Inc. is just one in a series of other acquisitions related to their cloud service. Anvato is just another startup who will be instrumental in promoting the search giant’s expansion of cloud offerings. This move from the Mountian View company might as well prompt other providers of cloud to raise their bar with the help of digital media specialists.

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