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GM Latest Infotainment System Embodies Smartphone-like Features

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When it comes to car entertainment, the majority of the car owners have switched to CarPlay or Android Auto instead of installing infotainment system. The leading automakers like Mercedes, Audi andGeneral Motors (GM) have taken a note of this habit and are trying hard to woo those customers to switch back to their systems.

GM engineer team took a quite an interesting take on this behavior of their car owners and made a “smart” move. Rather than designing an extra-ordinary infotainment system, the GM design team simply made what its usersloved– an infotainment system with Smartphone-like features.

During a recent demonstration of 2018 GMC Terrain SUV, GM highlighted various latest features it has installed in the vehicle along with a new infotainment system. Besides supporting CarPlayor Android Auto apps, the new GM infotainment system is based on the Smartphone-like interface. It has borrowed a lot of features and functions from Smartphone technology including a better touchscreen UI.

Smartphone-like Infotainment System

Starting with, the user can tap and hold an app shortcut for extra time on the system to relocate it and delete it. However few apps like the Phone app cannot be uninstalled from the integrated system.

The new infotainment system can be updated and refreshed over the cloud. And similar to Smartphone, the GM system facilitates to create personal accounts that are linked to car owners’ key fobs. It allows syncing five accounts at a time that are saved over the air. Each account holder can sign in on any GM vehicle supporting this updated function. Adding to this, the users can switch the accounts in-between the journey as the drivers swap their seats.

So you just need to sign into your GM system’s account regardless of whether it’s your own car or a friend’s or a rental one - you will have your own customized settings in the car including car seating arrangement over the cloud. Do remember to log out once you get out of the car.

Connected with GM Marketplace

Moving forward, this cloud connectivity also encompasses GM Marketplace. That means the GM vehicle holds all your purchase history and payment information synced in the infotainment system. Consequently, it enables the users to make a hotel reservation, order food or do online shopping using their own account credentials.

Keeping a driver’s safety in mind, the infotainment system doesn’t display a complete menu of the restaurant, instead, the installed apps will only suggest recently ordered foods. Since the payment information is already installed in the system, it will not take much time for users to complete the process.

Presently, the latest entertainment system designed by GM is only available in the 2018 Terrain SUV and Cadillac ATS, XTS, and CTS. Yes, the automaker has committed to integrating the system in the entire GM fleet soon. Let’s see how well the car owners adapt to this user-friendly GM design.

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