Global Automotive Color of the Year 2022 Is Out!

This is Axalta's eighth Global Automotive Color of the Year award.

Royal Magenta has been picked as the eighth annual winner of the Global Automotive Color of the Year 2022; it comes as a rich shade of cherry red. The strong construction is finished in a gorgeous dark finish with burgundy and merlot hues. After nightfall, it appears to be darker and more mysterious than it does in the daytime. 

Automotive are constantly looking for ways to improve their vehicles. One way they do this is through the development of new colors. The chosen colors for each model determine its style and appeal.

Experts in automotive technologies strive to create a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Therefore, automotive designers focus on creating strong and bold colors that are not too loud yet eye-catching.

Axalta’s Automotive Color of the Year 2022: “Royal Magenta”

According to Axalta, Royal Magenta was designed to consider the latest automotive technologies. Since radar systems are often employed in self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles, the color was developed to work with them.

“Royal Magenta creates a new premium aesthetic that is customized for future mobility,” says Axalta’s Hadi Awada, senior vice president of global mobility coatings. According to the company, innovative waterborne technology for sensing movement helps the mobility industry migrate to more environmentally friendly options, including electric vehicles and driverless cars.

automotive industries

Royal Magenta was created with future vehicle technologies in mind, according to Axalta. To that purpose, the hue was designed to operate with vehicle radar systems, which are commonly used by self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles.

Designed for all vehicle types and car tech, Royal Magenta gives a vibrant pop of color to the world of transportation. As a fashionable and functional color for autonomous cars of all sizes, Royal Magenta can be perceived as either a royal color or a trendy and functional color. 

When it comes to refinement, you can thank Axalta’s long history of providing high-end finishes to the mobility industry and global color trends for inspiration. The market sees increased demand for burgundy, violet, and cherry-like tones. The sumptuous gloss of the premium hue has faceted gem embellishments that appear delectable.

Most modern vehicle manufacturers use a computer-controlled method to select colors automatically. Colors often vary from country to country. This can be attributed to specific cultural traditions and preferences. Some of the colors used internationally are black, white, silver, gray, blue, green, red, and gold. However, other countries also have unique colors like orange, yellow, light blue, pink, and purple.

Companies want consumers to feel safe when getting into these automobiles. The best way to accomplish this goal is by having a clear, bright exterior. It makes the vehicle more visible against the background. This increases visibility and safety during night driving and when driving in rain and snow.

Aesthetics play a significant role in the design process. Color is one of the main elements that attract people to any product, especially cars. Over the past few decades, automakers have experimented with many colors and trends in automotive painting techniques. This has resulted in an amazing variety of colors available today for consumers to choose from

With all this competition in mind, there is always room for improvement. Automobile manufacturers are constantly developing different paint technologies and methods that result in stronger and safer vehicles.

Color manager Nancy Lockhart, Axalta’s Global Product Manager of Color, says that the company has devised a complex-looking color for the year 2022 that can be applied readily. “To begin the design process, several layering procedures were used to tint aqueous paints to add depth and color. Basecoat and clearcoat layering was used to achieve the final hue, which is long-lasting. It’s as easy to use as it is to observe.”

Axalta is a leading color specialist in paint and coatings because of its unique technology, superior color formulae, and unique insights into global and regional color preferences.

Do you think Royal Magenta will be the most popular car color in 2022?  Let us know in the comments.

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