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Gigantic colorless diamond sold for staggering $27m

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Vogue for diamonds seems to be very solid, but it is nothing surprising as these stones have the undeniable beauty and strength that lures people. With the ongoing unstable economic conditions, demand for high-end and unique diamonds remains at the very high level. Therefore it is not surprising that the gigantic colorless diamond was auctioned off for almost $27 million, setting a new record in this category.

Exceptional colorless diamond - “Winston Legacy”

Strong demand for diamonds has been confirmed by an auction which took place in Geneva on the 15th of May. Christie’s Inc., a famous art house, had a pleasure to conduct the auction which later turned out to have set the record for the price of a colorless diamond. Interestingly, the gigantic D-color diamond was sold for astonishing $27 million and it is believed to be the most expensive auctioned colorless diamond ever, thus its august owners have one more thing to boast about. Nothing will change the fact that it is a still “modest” price compared to the world’s most expensive diamond which was auctioned off for over $45.5 million. The record is proudly held by the famous “Graff Pink.”

More important, this astonishingly unique 101.73-carat colorless diamond, which was auctioned off for the aforementioned exorbitant sum, is the largest ever put for auction. It is comparatively “young” as it was cut from a over 235-carat diamond which was discovered more or less seven years ago in Africa. As it was underlined by Christie’s Inc., it took more than 20 months to get the present exceptional shape and design of  the gigantic colorless diamond!

Firm Harry Winston was the lucky buyer of the gigantic colorless diamond and as such it had a right to name it. The diamond now bears the name of “Winston Legacy”.

Interestingly, the London-based auction house of Christie’s Inc., which is one of the biggest in the world, believed that it would get for this gigantic colorless diamond around $30 million. Without a doubt, this diamond is exceptional as it presents some perfect features buyers look for in stones.

Forever demand for diamonds

The latest auction proves that demand for diamonds seems to be everlasting. Despite the tough economic conditions, the richest people on Earth do appreciate not only the beauty of stones such as diamonds or sapphires, but their investment value as well. The fact is that since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, buyers are indeed vitally interested in purchases of diamonds, yet they look for exceptional specimens.

What might be surprising is the price of the “Winston Legacy” diamond as it is really high for colorless or D-color stones. Undeniably, colored diamonds are more desired by potential buyers. Analysts also note that buyers are strongly present in the diamond market as stones are regarded as safe investment. Also retailers are keen on paying hefty sums for unique gems. The fact is that diamonds are forever, thus individuals or retailers are ready to spend just to have exceptional diamonds in their hands as they “never lie”.

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