Get a Dose of the Luxury Electric Car Experience with the Bentley EXP12
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Due to the ever consistent issues of fuel economy and pollution due to emissions, the popularity of electric cars is on the rise. Currently, Tesla Motors is dominating the automobile market with its range of electric cars. Now there is a new car which will supposedly give competition to all the other electric cars available. The Bentley EXP12, one of the first luxury electric cars was unveiled on Tuesday at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Bentley’s first fully-electric concept topped with luxurious features might change the electronic vehicle sector in terms of concept as well as its execution. Packed with impressive electric performance and an attractive design, this car assures luxurious mobility.

The Bentley ESP12 Speed 6e Concept carries the unmatched hand craftsmanship which the British auto giant is famous for. It caters to Bentley’s intention of producing the first luxury all-electric sports car and awaits feedback for the same. If the auto experts, dominant investors, and other witnesses of the car have positive reactions, then the company will complete its production by the year 2021. The focus behind the launch of this luxury electric car is to make car transportation more luxurious, autonomous, and sustainable. The chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, Wolfgang Durheimer stated that the car aims to make electric vehicles more visually appealing with its comfortable interiors and stylish exterior. He also added that the company firmly believes that an electric car should be equivalent to a gas-powered vehicle in terms of design as well as power.

Bentley EXP12

The Bentley EXP12 will be the first luxurious electric car.

Bentley EXP12 specs

The interior of the Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e Concept retains the brand identity with high-quality leather and a copper trim cover at most of the places. The exterior body of the car is a sleek version of the usual sports car design. The company claims that the design has been inspired by aircraft fuselages, contemporary architecture, and geometry of natural elements. It has a hint of Bentley’s trademark muscular haunch and powerline. The long bonnet is accompanied with a wide rear complete with a smoked stainless steel finish. The bonnet contains twin scoops which keeps down the temperature of the batteries without an additional cooling technology. There are copper highlights in the car's inside and outside which will become the identity of an electric vehicle. The veneer panels inside the doors also have the copper highlights in sync to the natural wood finish look.

A wide OLED display houses all the controls of the car behind the half-cut steering wheel. The steering wheel is embellished with glass cut elements. Also, this section includes the feature of a performance boost and a speed limiter. The upholstery of this two-seater car is made of genuine leather which gives a classy feel to it. Another highlight of the Bentley EXP12 is that it offers great power and battery life along with the luxurious look. One can drive this car for about 200 to 250 miles on a single charge. Apparently, it will have no charge port but will get its power using inductive charging. The Bentley EXP Speed 6e Concept seems appealing by its overview. One will get the idea of the efficiency of the engine power and other such technical features once the production takes place.

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