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A ‘Get Your Business Idea Off The Ground’ Guide

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powerful business ideaThe most valuable step in any business idea is: stepping onto the road. Most people delay getting out there in the market believing that they first need to perfect their product. And, this is because many of us believe that success happens overnight. It’s tempting to imagine that the world will do the magic, and bring you back the fame and the money. But clearly, this is a delusional derivative.

A powerful business idea only becomes successful when the man behind the idea is persistent. When he chooses to put enough efforts to make it happen – day in and day out, for years.

Below are seven different ways to get your idea off the ground. You may call it your first effort – the first time you put your idea into action, and document it well. Create it as cheaply as you can with just the resources you have available in the moment. This kind of live learning can help you not only test your idea but also put your resourcefulness to good use.

  1. PRODUCT: You can put something together that looks like a prototype and share it with your friends and strangers to get their initial reactions.
  2. WEBSITE: Make an early version of your website quickly and for free. There are resources available out there such as WordPress to create an initial version of the site for free. Build a feedback box and share the link with your friends on social media and in relevant chatroom asking for their early impressions.
  3. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS: Create a manifesto for your business using PowerPoint, or even paper and show it to your friends and relevant connections. You must also approach people who might fit the profile of your ideal customer.
  4. FOOD or DRINK: Make it at home and invite as many friends and social network connections as you can to sample your product. This will help you receive feedback and even build a fan club of your product.
  5. HIGH-TECH PRODUCT: If it’s a high-tech product, it’s going to be difficult creating a mock-up without putting a hole in your pocket. Find the cheapest way possible to create a mock-up, and share it with friends and people who you think love using such products.
  6. EVENT: Invite your friends to participate in the initial one-off show, and as many spectators as you can. You can even ask your friends to invite their friends to watch the slimmed down version of the event.
  7. LEISURE BUSINESS: If it’s a hospitality or leisure business, you can invite people to experience it first-hand. You can do it at your home, or even call up venues to transform the place into your desired business.


The process will help you find out a.) What areas need improvement? and, b.) How people are responding to your business idea?

Once you start receiving feedback, you must keep tweaking your product to reflect what you’ve learned from the 'getting it out there' process. This is called the 'feedback loop', a trend set into motion by tech companies in Silicon Valley. A lot of companies first release the beta version of their product, allowing themselves to learn from real-life applications of their idea.

The bottom line is: it’s time to start. You don’t need much as long as you have a powerful business idea, optimal resourcefulness, and the willingness to continually improve.

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