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Futuristic Honda NM4 to Unveil in Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Ghost in The Shell’
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In a world where automakers are competing to develop high-end autonomous vehicles for future and premium cars; a futuristic two-wheeler still sounds as intriguing as it gets. Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has developed a bike that looks like it has flown from the century ahead of us. Not only Honda, but other giants like BMW are also developing concept and futuristic bikes. Notably, BMW is planning to create a flying motorcycle concept; inspired by a Lego model. Honda, a major automaker, and manufacturer of some of the world’s best bikes; gets inspired by the futuristic machines shown in the manga and anime film and television styles; collectively known as ‘Japanimation’. Inspired by these styles, Honda conceptualizes and creates amazing bikes; which one can only think of.

Honda NM4 Series Unveiled

In 2014, at the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan, the Tokyo company unveiled two new futuristic concept bikes. NM4-01 (black-colored) and the NM4-02 (white-colored) are the two Honda motorbikes of NM series. NM4 series uses the 745cc twin cylinder engine found in Honda NC models but the conceptualization and designs of these bikes are different. One glance at this bike will immediately transport you into futuristic movies like Matrix series or Robocop.

Futuristic Honda NM4 in ‘Ghost In The Shell’

futuristic honda nm4

Futuristic Honda NM4 motorbike used in 'Ghost In The Shell'

Talking about movies, Honda will unveil yet another concept bike, the futuristic Honda NM4; in the upcoming movie of Scarlett Johansson, ‘Ghost In the Shell’. This bike is basically based on Honda’s 2014 launch, NM4.; which is re-designed according to the requirements of the movie. The movie has a futuristic concept; where people merge humans and technology; cyber and digital development creates man-made bodies, and much more.

Scarlett Johansson plays the lead character of a police officer, named Motoko Kusanagi, in the movie. She survives a major crash after which she undergoes cyber-enhancement to fight the criminals in the movie. The futuristic Honda NM4 will be making several appearances in the movie; as it is the ride of Johansson.

Honda NM4 Designed for the Future

This bike is on the basis of the current Honda NM4; with a different frame of carbon fiber. Although the seat seems uncomfortable, the tires are carbon fibered and comparatively fat. Its LED light panels are fierce and the whole design is apt for this future-based movie.

‘Ghost In the Shell’is releasing on March 31 globally. While, those people who want to see the futuristic Honda NM4 live, can attend the Osaka and Tokyo motorcycle shows during this month.

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