Forstall all set to forsake Apple next year
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Scott Forstall

Scott Forstall

The man who hogged the limelight following Steve Jobs’ demise in October last year is geared up to walk out of Apple Inc. Scott Forstall, senior vice president of Apple who is currently handling iOS, the company’s cell phone operating system, is quitting Apple Inc. in 2013. The news that Apple vice president is to quit came as a surprise that is sure to create turmoil amidst Apple Inc.'s top management. As divulged by a press release from the company, Apple’s vice president Forstall will work as advisor to Tim Cook, chief executive officer at Apple Inc., before leaving the company next year.

Those were the days

Forstall, senior vice president of Apple, was one of the major candidates for the CEO position after the death of Jobs in October last year. He was the one behind the revolutionary iPad and iPhone, which ushered in a paradigm shift in the mobile industry. Currently, speculations were on that Apple’s vice president Forstall would be succeeding Cook as CEO.

The 43 year old senior vice president of Apple was randomly seen delivering speeches at the company’s numerous product launches and was mainly responsible for highlighting the nitty-gritty’s of  up-gradations in technology. Apple’s vice president Forstall many times co-anchored public announcements with Jonathan Ive, design expert and Phil Schiller, marketing head.

A lot of people considered him as the best choice to carry on Steve Jobs’ heritage of innovation in the company. Right now, 70 percent of Apple Inc.'s revenue is derived from the mobile equipments powered by iOS. As per Andy Miller, former chief of the iAd group of Apple Inc., Apple’s vice president Forstall was close to Steve Jobs like anybody else in the company. Although the Apple vice president is to quit, the news does not indicate what Forstall’s future plans are once he leaves his present company.

Division of Labor

Apart from confirming that Apple vice president is to quit, the press release also confirms the resignation of the company’s retail chief, John Browett. Apple Inc. is planning to find Browett’s replacement and the duties of the resigned senior vice president of Apple will be divided amongst the top management of the company. In the process, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, Bob Mansfield and Jonathan Ive will take up additional responsibilities.

Cue, currently looking after Internet services as senior vice president, will also be responsible for Maps and Siri, iOS's two most important features. Craig Federighi, also a vice president, will look after Mac (which he is currently responsible for) and iOS.

The Scenario

That the Apple vice president is to quit came as a major shock to many insiders. Cook did not comment much on the issue but stressed more on the advances that Apple Inc. made. According to Cook, Apple is currently at the heights of innovations and the launch of new products. Apple Inc. has recently provided many world class devices in the form of iPod touch, MacBook Pro, iPad mini, New iPhone 5, and will continue to deliver innovative products.

Forstall’s resignation is indeed a surprise. It is hoped that Apple Inc. will continue to deliver innovation in his absence.

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