Ford to begin Pizza Delivery via Self-Driving Vehicles in Michigan
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Let’s run by the list before we forget what can be delivered via what piece of technology. Beer is now delivered via drones, and so is grocery and medicines. We also use drones to deliver not just essentials but festive items such as a Valentine ’s Day card. It kind of raises the question – we’re trying to use drones to its full potential, but what about self-driving cars? They’re unmanned too, what about milking their benefits? Where did we go wrong? Turns out, Ford is away ahead of its time for bringing self-driving cars to its fullest potential. In a unique tryst, Ford and Domino’s Pizza will begin testing Michigan’s consumer reactions to having their pizzas delivered by self-driving vehicles.

Now, this isn’t the first time Domino’s Pizza has pulled off a stunt like this. In New Zealand, the company’s largest independent franchisee began testing delivery to customers via drones and self-driving robot.

A week ago, Sherik Marakby, head of Ford’s autonomous and electric vehicles disclosed that Ford is now trying to ink deals with multiple partners in deploying self-driving vehicles.

In Pizza We Crust

Consumers who participate in the test can track their order through a Domino’s app via GPS. They will receive a unique code that matches the last four digits of their phone number to unlock the Heatwave Compartment in the back of the car which will keep the pies warm.

A lot of automakers are now investing in autonomous technology. Many want to make it mainstream before 2021. Earlier this year, Ford announced plans to invest $1 billion in Argo AI, an AI startup.

Similarly, a number of delivery services are now venturing into the unknown territories of on-demand delivery using technology.  This includes big names, like Amazon and Uber Technologies Inc.

In the past, Ford has experimented with innovative marketing gimmicks, including deploying a Siri-like digital assistant that can receive orders and delivery robots. Delivery pies using a self-driving car is as convenient as it sounds. The real question is, will the college kids order pies when they learn they’ll have walk five floors down to retrieve the order from the car?

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