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Flying in a Private Jet is now Affordable with the Stratajet App
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Travelling in a private jet always seems like an elite thing to do. But thanks to the Stratajet app, a private jet flight has now become an affordable affair. On booking a seat in this private jet, the app gives you the exact price of the flight instead of providing estimates like other apps. The founder of Stratajet, Jonny Nicol, is a former British fighter pilot, who used his expertise to launch this app. Nicol achieved his goal of doing so by visiting the owners and operators at the European airports to persuade them to become a part of this project.

Usually, the individual person’s cost for the Stratajet flight can compete with the prices of the business class, first class, or even the economy class. Another plus point of this app is that it does not charge any membership fees. One can simply search for a convenient flight, book through the app, pay online and directly head to the airport for his flight.

Popularity of Stratajet

The bookings for the Stratajet app have been sky high since the company launched its app in November 2015. Since then, the company has received bookings way above its expected sales. Apart from individual bookings, Stratajet has also received bookings for the giant Airbus Corporate Jets. Such corporate bookings were made on an average once a week, and the aircraft was of the size of the one used in small commercial airlines. Through such measures, the company made record bookings worth £106,000. Nicol says that people discouraged him saying that he would never be able to book an entire aircraft in a day. This was proved wrong as every week the company books the largest aircraft available, that too online.

Nicol states that such private flights are made affordable as there are no human brokers involved in the process. It took the company five years to develop such kind of technology. People had generalized this service saying only the young generation would use this app. This has been proved wrong as even an 86-year-old made a booking through this app to fly to Scotland. This shows that the Stratajet app is popular among people of all classes as well as age groups.


Stratajet is an app through which customers can book a seat for private jet flights.

Stratajet’s alliance with Million Air

To expand its reach outside the European Union, Stratajet has formed an alliance with the FBO chain operator Million Air. In context to this collaboration, the customers of Stratajet can select any of the 23 US destinations for their flight. The customer can tailor the trip in order to suit his preferences.

Stratajet uses the patented algorithm called ‘adaptive empty leg’ to support its technology. The platform's automated system can track private jets taking off without any passengers and heading to its home base. By doing so, the company can book other customers on the same flight to the given destination. There are 40% of the flights which travel back without passengers, which can be booked for better sale purposes.

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