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Five Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs To Boost Their Productivity


If you’re a busy person like most of us in business today, there always seems to be a million things on your list. Research, communicate, collaborate, and keep track of your time and health, and so much more! How on earth are you going to do it all? Well, there are apps for that. In fact, five apps in total – as we like to call ‘must-have apps for entrepreneurs’ to make the most of each day.


RescueTime is a tool that analyses apps and webpages you spend your time in. It brings to your notice the quality of time on the programs and websites you use. In addition, you can label each activity based on productivity. It helps you find out what apps and webpages distract you the most, etc. Moreover, it helps reduce the number of distractions from the job. It’s the top on our list of must have apps for entrepreneurs and that’s because it actually helps you become more productive!


As an entrepreneur, it’s important to take care of your personal well-being in order to stay healthy, wealthy and wise. To monitor daily progress and make healthy choices, it’s better to take charge of your own health using today’s mobile capabilities. Gyroscope is one such app which allows you to track different aspects of your life including weight, health, steps you’re taken and location you’ve been to. It creates a unified dashboard presenting the data collected in the form of beautiful reports. In addition, it interacts with a variety of apps to create a unified compilation of data. It picks data from apps such as Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to track daily activities. It also syncs easily with apps like Apple HealthKit, Withings, Jawbone, Google Fit, RescueTime and Fitbit.


We agree, there are plenty of productivity apps for entrepreneurs out there. But Droplr is one of a kind and using it is incredibly easy. You can share files, images, and links from one device to another, all at $5 per month. It’s one of the most time-saving apps on the Internet. At its core, Droplr is a file-sharing service which allows you to share files that are too large to attach to an email. All you need to do is drag and drop a file, and Droplr will immediately give you a short-URL which you can copy and share with the desired recipient. You can also use tags for easy browsing and searching. It’s a business-savvy collaboration tool for professionals who require unlimited storage for all sorts of drops.


Staring at the laptop all day can cause eyestrain. If you’re really busy with work, you won’t remember to stick to the 20-20-20 rule – looking away from your screen every twenty minutes for twenty seconds and focusing on a fixed point twenty feet away. But you can certainly make a few quick adjustments to your laptop display. Optimize your monitor’s color temperature using f.lux. It’s a free app which utilizes your location to automatically adjust your display to color temperatures that better suit your lighting environment based on whether its sunrise, sunset or the night.


If you’re a really busy person and want to improve as a person or professional skills at work, Blinkist is the app for you. Blinkist is an app that turns books into 15-minutes reads. The app has over a thousand books, all of which are available for offline reading at $50 a year. Pick one title, read the summary in fifteen minutes as opposed to two to three weeks to finish one. You can do the reading while you’re commuting, and save time and learn and discover new things.

Is it worth a subscription? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

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