Fitbit Lawsuit is all about Patent Infringement
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Are you a fitness freak or someone who likes following trends? Whatever the answer is, at least once in your life you would have thought of purchasing the Fitbit wearable or already purchased it for that matter. More than a fitness wearable, it is used as an accessory. Despite its growing popularity, the wearable technology company has been running in deep waters recently. Among a number of legal troubles it has been facing, there is a new one which has popped up. Apparently, the Fitbit lawsuit claims that the company has used haptic technology which is under the patent of another company in an unlawful manner.

Immersion Corporation which is a developer of haptic feedback technology has slapped Fitbit Inc. with a patent infringement lawsuit. This legal battle might make things worse for the company after its unsuccessful attempt at the smartwatch project and issues with the sales department of rival companies. But the recent lawsuit shows that the wearable maker could have avoided the hassle. Before filing the Fitbit lawsuit, Immersion had offered a license of its patents in exchange for the technology used. When Fitbit refused to do so, the company decided to complain against illegal use of patented technology.

Fitbit lawsuit

A Fitbit spokesperson has claimed this lawsuit baseless.

What caused the Fitbit lawsuit?

Immersion is not only a developer but also a licensor of haptic technology. The company filed a legal complaint alleging that Fitbit Flex, Alta, Flex 2, Alta HR, Blaze, Charge, Surge, and Charge 2 have technology derived from the company’s feedback patents. As Immersion has stated that it approached Fitbit with license negotiation to avoid legal action, this fact goes against Fitbit in the lawsuit. The complaint also requests Fitbit to annul manufacture and sale of these devices on an immediate basis. The haptic feedback technology is useful for touch controls and transmitting such haptic feedback.

Stopping the sale or manufacture due to the Fitbit lawsuit is as good as recalling all its products. This is because haptic technology is a part of almost all functions of the fitness wearable. Be it the notifications you get or the option to set a particular breathing exercise, all of these depend on haptic feedback. Therefore it is certain that Fitbit will try to fight back rigorously. In the past, Immersion has sued companies like Sony, Apple, and Motorola for the same issue. A Fitbit spokesperson has claimed this lawsuit baseless. The company further claims that it develops all the technology independently to offer innovative products to its customers.

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