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First Super Nintendo World to be launched in Universal Studios Japan by 2020
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The video game Super Mario has been popular for decades. Be it a middle-aged man or a kid of the recent gaming technology world; everyone is fond of Super Mario. In order to cash upon its popularity, Universal Studios is launching the first ever Super Nintendo World in the country of Japan. Super Nintendo World will be an amusement park which will open by the year 2020. The opening of this park attraction is right in time before the Tokyo Olympics.

Both the companies, Universal Studios as well as Nintendo have confirmed the news. Nintendo made the announcement about this amusement parkย on its official Twitter account. Nintendo had announced the news of its collaboration with Universal Studios for this project in around November last year. In this statement, the company announces three locations of such amusement parks. Except for Japan, the other two locations are Orlando and Hollywood in the U.S. But out of all these places, the Nintendo-themed park will first come to the Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. The expenditure of this project is estimated around $433 million, the company states.

Super Nintendo World will not be an independent amusement park, but it will be a part of the Universal Studios in Japan. The world will be set up in the land kept aside for parking and future developments. It will not be wrong to say that the Nintendo park attraction will take up a great area of the Universal Studios. Despite this, Universal Studios is looking forward to its launch as the park attraction will create over a million new jobs in Japan within a decade after it opens. This is a huge plus point for Japan on the business front as it will increase employment opportunities.

About the much awaited Super Nintendo World

The Super Nintendo World will have state-of-the-art rides which take inspiration from the popular characters such as Super Mario and his other friends. Along with this, the park will have interactive areas, shops as well as restaurants. All these sections will follow the theme of Nintendoโ€™s popular characters and games. Nintendoโ€™s creative official, Shigeru Miyamoto claims that all these park attractions will have the latest technology and will be of high quality.


Super Nintendo World will open in the Universal Studios of Japan by 2020.

The main concept behind this park is to provide a life-like experience of Nintendoโ€™s favorite characters and storyline. This will entertain in the form of thrilling adventures in which millions of fans can participate. Super Nintendo World aims to attract fans not only from Japan but from all over the globe. Such efforts will enable the Universal Studios to become a prominent leisure and entertainment landmark on a global platform.

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