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First London Floating Park to Open by May 2017 at Paddington Basin

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The city of London is famous for its unique infrastructure and other such attractions. But for the first time, one will witness the London floating park. This green oasis has received approval from the Westminster Council to be set up in the English capital. The Floating Pocket Park will be in the Paddington Basin situated on the Grand Union Canal. The main aim of this piece of infrastructure is that it will provide a colorful space to the public on a water body. It will also contain its own canal boat mooring which will add to the ambiance. The estimated time of the opening of this floating park will be in May 2017.

This project is a part of the 4.45 hectare canal-side Merchant Square Development. After its completion, it will be a 730 sq.m. floating pocket park for the leisure of the local public. The green oasis project is led by garden designer Tony Woods. Woods stated that the biggest challenge for this project was that the engineers had to ensure the structure was durable enough to be stable when weighed down by the soil. The maximum capacity of this floating platform will be up to 150 people. This project has come after the more ambitious Garden Bridge project in central London. The Garden Bridge had to face a number of financial setbacks and overcome series of planning.

London floating park

This floating park is for recreational purposes of the public.

Taking the London floating park to the next level

Notably, the London floating park will be created with a series of interlocking pontoons. These pontoons are of recycled materials which will look like reclaimed wood. The assembling will take place in Cumbria and then transportation to Uxbridge by road. After this, they will go to the Paddington Basin right in time for its inaugural in May 2017. The opening will be a part of the Chelsea fringe. Woods has ascertained that even if it’s a windy day, the park will remain absolutely stable. This means that any waves on the basin’s surface will not be able to rock it. Therefore the people will feel no significant movement.

The division of the London floating park is into three areas, which will include a venue for events and installation. Apparently, this will have a ‘no human’ tiny floating reserve for the water-based animals. The main area will consist of lush lawns, borders for flowers, and multi-stemmed Tibetan cherry trees. Visitors of the park can dangle their feet in the canal which will be 1.4 meters deep. The garden will provide free Wi-Fi access to promote people to come here during their office lunch breaks. Adding to this, boat-based traders will be selling coffee and food on this canal.


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