First Apple Data Center in China All Set to Function
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China has always been very particular about the security of its data and the exposure of its public to the internet. Last month, a new law was introduced in Beijing in relation to the privacy of user data of the citizens of the country. According to this law, no multinational company was allowed to take the data of its users across the border. This means that even the server storing such data will need to be kept on the nation’s land only. This meant that all such companies would have to install a special server for the country in its premises. Implementation of the law resulted in the establishment of the Apple Data Center in China.

Apple Inc. officially announced on Wednesday that it will set up its first data center in the Asian country. It seems like the tech giant is on a spree of setting up data centers as two days back it launched a data center in Denmark as well. But the decision for the data center in China was to comply with the strict cyber security rules introduced. Also, China is an important market which Apple doesn’t want to miss out on. This data center is located in the southern province of Guizhou. Apple struck a partnership with a local internet services company, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co Ltd (GCBD) for the same.

Apple Data Center

This is the first Apple Data Center in China.

Will this Apple Data Center be green?

This Apple Data Center is a part of a $1 billion investment put into this particular province. A source of the tech giant also stated that this data center will result in better speed as well as the reliability of products. The company will offer upgraded services in context with the newly passed regulations. The regulations specifically need cloud services with are operated by a Chinese company. For this, Apple has collaborated with GCBD and will introduce iCloud here. These steps make Apple the first international company to adhere to the new law of China.

Around two months back, the tech giant had announced that 96 percent of energy at its worldwide infrastructure comes from renewable sources. It further pledged to make it 100 percent and also decided to invest in the same. The last data center opened in Denmark is a part of this green project. It is not yet ascertained whether the Apple Data Center in China will be green or not. But it is assumed that it might be due to the impressive investment it attained.

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