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Fiat Chrysler Unveils its All-Electric Semi-Autonomous Minivan at CES 2017
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Rumors were doing the rounds for a while that the automobile company Fiat Chrysler is going to come up with an innovative minivan which will be launched at the CES 2017. Well, this news is true as the automobile manufacturer launched an all-electric semi-autonomous minivan at the largest technological conference of the world. The launch of this innovative minivan was at the CES 2017 on Tuesday. Fiat Chrysler has never experimented with such piece of technology in the past. This car will be all-electric and eventually self-driving as well. Through this, the company hints at giving tough competition to the contemporary automobile manufacturers.

This semi-autonomous minivan has been named the β€˜Portal’. In a public statement, Fiat Chrysler described the Portal as the next generation family transportation automobile. The company also claims that the car's design is by millennials and has the target audience of millennials. This car has the shape of a minivan and has very similar dimensions to the Chrysler Pacifica, but the company states that it stands out in terms of technology.

The electric minivan’s design allows the seating of six people. The company has made no announcement regarding how it will develop its self-driving technology. The concept behind this innovation is to create a third environment except for home and office. This is possible by providing connectivity to the personal devices and cloud on the go. The car will have three levels of autonomy, which means that it can drive itself only in certain situations. This is possible only with specific human support.

Semi-autonomous minivan

Launch of the Fiat Chrysler semi-autonomous minivan at the CES 2017.

Fiat Chrysler semi-autonomous minivan specs

This all-electric semi-autonomous minivan features a 100 kWh battery pack. This can provide over 250 miles range on a single charge. It also contains an ultra-fast DC charger, which can charge worth 150 miles in just 20 minutes. In order to support the semi-autonomous driving tasks of the vehicle, it has in-built cameras, lidar, radar, and ultrasonic sensors. For better convenience of the driver, the vehicle has a built-in facial recognition technology to identify who is driving the vehicle. This helps the car to adjust the lighting, music, temperature, and destinations according to the driver’s personal preferences.

The other features of this car include a selfie camera for group selfies, passenger to passenger intercom system, and vehicle to vehicle technology (V2V). This technology enables the car to communicate with other vehicles as well as infrastructure while driving. Along with it, it has a special ambulance alarm system. This means that whenever an ambulance is nearby, its sound is amplified only for the driver to make him aware about its presence. Apparently, Fiat received negative criticism in the past due to its low fuel efficiency. Therefore with the launch of this all-electric semi-autonomous minivan, the company plans to increase its market value in the field of automobiles.

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