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The Great Traits of Feminine Leadership!
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Feminine leadership is driven by the need for greater synchronisation. John Gerzema, termed as “Marketing Guru” by Google inc. has written a book relevant to feminine leadership traits – ‘The Athena Doctrine – Why Women (and Men who think like them) will Rule the Future’. He states that these qualities will prove significant in a shifting and extremely connected world where consumers have lost faith in institutions. He identified that many traits needed for future leaders to solve toughest issues will have to be feminine.

In the economy of today and the future connectivity, humility, vulnerability, transparency, trustworthiness, patience, empathy, long-term thinking and flexibility are most significant for a great leadership. These traits are regarded as feminine values. The statistics of women in top business leadership roles have made great strides in the business personnel.

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Although there’s no particular formula for success, great feminine leaders tend to share similar traits. Since businesses or countries are moving on the rhythm of a feminine style of leadership, they are discovering the power of feminine values and their capabilities to mine greatness from workforce.

Here are 5 Remarkable Traits of Feminine Leadership!


Feminine leaders are not unfamiliar with having to battle the system to move forward for their goals. Henceforth, they are brave enough to think outside the box and alter the status quo. They do not refrain from inquiring commercial procedures and business configurations. Above all, they unusually discover pioneering solutions to workplace issues, even if it requires getting on the road less travelled.


Flourishing feminine leaders know precisely who they are, what they want and what they bring to the workforce. In spite of this, they are less ego-driven, and more willing to share the limelight. Moreover even though these leaders probably encounter similar obstacles as others, they counter difficult situations up straight with dignity and confidence. Nevertheless, they abide by their decisions and convictions.


Feminine leaders do not ascend to victory by mishap. They decisively set tangible goals and work rigid to reach them. Above all, the best value they confide is to creatively balance work and family. Being more empathetic they lead compassionate and yet fulfil goals with determination.


Feminine leaders outshine at nurturing personal relationships that build up tough teams. This requires the capability to identify inner quarrels and act to determine it before the situation worsens. They habitually deal with issues using a team approach rather than obliging workers to stand unaided. They cater to multiple opinions to make the most up to date decision possible. This sets the stage for fellowship and a strong, integrated team of employees.


Great persuasion skills are inevitable to become an effective leader. Women have the capability to pay attention and support. This formulates them into the kind of leaders that are habitually attuning to the requests of employees. Nonetheless, feminine characteristics such as empathy and compassion allow them to observe all sides of a circumstance and interpret employees precisely. This amplifies an employee’s trust in them and ultimately their capability to persuade others to come around to their way of assessment.

Corporations instilled with feminine leadership traits have excelled and achieved success because of the harmonisation of feminine values and energies.

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