Facebook Stories – No More Anonymous Facebook Creeping
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Facebook browsing has become a leisure activity these days; and at some point or the other, out of curiosity or some other reason; we all have stalked someone’s profile on Facebook. Browsing through public profiles, stalking and anonymous Facebook creeping is now long gone like a thing of the past. Facebook Inc. has introduced its new feature of self-deleting stories, which does not let creeping around remain anonymous anymore.

facebook's new feature facebook stories

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

The California company, somewhat believes that people should be able to see the views on their stories, and has thus allowed the option of viewing the stats of your stories. These stories, that can have images or videos self-delete in a time span of 24-hours. Unlike Snapchat, these stories can be viewed by anyone; but the catch here is that the person posting them gets the list of names of its viewers.

Facebook Stories a Look-alike Version of Snapchat App

If you are one of those people who believe that anonymous Facebook creeping is a great way to catch-up on other’s social lives; then this feature will just ruin your ideas of doing so. The Facebook stories feature is much of a look-alike version of Snapchat app or Instagram stories. Seemingly, Instagram and Facebook are keen to over-do Snapchat stories by providing almost all its features. Features like filters, 24-hour self-deleting images and videos, direct messages, stats of views on stories, etc. are giving a tough time to Snapchat app.

When you check the stories on Facebook, the anonymity of creeping through profiles that aren’t on your friend’s list goes away. As Mashable reports, the illusion of anonymity is important for a platform like Facebook in some aspects.

One more drawback of the new stories feature is that Facebook does not track the screenshots taken of stories currently. It means that some creepy stalker might be taking screenshots of your stories anonymously without your knowledge.

Facebook Platform

facebook creeping no more anonymous with facebook stories

Facebook attempts to become an all-in-on platform for social media; and the stories feature can help in doing the same. But if Facebook does not provide anonymity anymore, we believe that some users won’t be happy with the new stories feature.

Guess, Facebook wants its users to say goodbye to their stalking anonymity.

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