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Facebook starts campaign against dummy accounts and fake likes

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Facebook starts campaign against fake accounts and likes

Facebook campaign against fake accounts and likes

As Facebook fake likes epidemic has started infecting the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook is all set to do away with fake accounts to instill more credibility into the “Like” option. With Facebook removing accounts that are not genuine, the likes obtained through malware, deceived users and paid operators will be deleted from the scenario. This will ensure transparency as to the real number of users and hence the correct estimation of the authenticate likes.

Facebook likes: The reality

According to the premier social networking site, 1.5% of the users are objectionable accounts, created for intentions that are very much against the conditions and agreement terms of Facebook. With the campaign of Facebook removing accounts, the number of these disagreeable accounts will considerably decrease along with the number of Facebook fake likes. In the words of Brian Blau, research analyst with the firm Gartner, the social networking site is trying to control fraud before it gets too late. No business wants to invest money in advertisement when the target audience is not genuine.

A layman cannot determine how many of the Facebook likes are genuine. This problem of faking fondness is not only an integral part of Facebook. It has also inflicted randomly used social sited like Twitter and Youtube.

Procuring Facebook likes, Youtube views and Twitter followers in a jiffy is not at all a laborious task as the only thing one has to do is to navigate to a webpage wherein these services are offered at a competitive price. For example, in the site named, 10,000 facebook likes are offered at an attractive price of 100 pounds. The same site offers 60,000 Twitter followers at a minimal price of 140 pounds. So, with service providers in operation, increasing the popularity of a newly opened account or site is only a matter of moments. Moreover, many of the likes are from user accounts that are not owned by any genuine user.

As far as the advertising world is concerned, Facebook fake likes can totally mould the perception regarding a brand or entity, creating an awareness that is not supposed to be. Various spam software can lure users into unknowingly liking something while in reality, they are performing some other action. In this sense, Facebook like dropping can throw light on the true popularity level of a brand or entity generated through advertisement.

Combating forgery: The action

The battle against forgery has started with Facebook removing accounts that seem to be suspicious. Through Facebook like dropping, the likes on any particular site will drop by an average of 1%, supposing that the site has obtained those likes automatically from the system. However, if the particular site or entity is purchasing likes from another provider, then the decrease in the number of likes through this activity will be considerably greater. Facebook like dropping will also bitterly expose those companies which have been enhancing their popularity quotient through such forgery in the social media.

This Facebook campaign will be a breakthrough in curbing the business of fraud in the social media. It will change the outlook with which one relates the popularity level with the number of likes.

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