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Facebook Monthly Users’ Number a Rock’s Throw Away to Hit 2 Billion Milestone
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Facebook had taken the internet by storm a decade ago, and yet today it is leading the pack of social media platforms, with repeatedly, the highest number of users. The interface Facebook brought to the world changed the way people interact with each other and that has been one of Facebook’s major keystones. The Silicon Valley company recently released its 2017 first-quarter earnings that reveals a huge user base of the site, as close as 2 billion users globally. Facebook monthly users’ number has reached to a humongous number of 1.94 billion users around the globe.

Facebook Monthly Users’ Now 1.94 Billion

facebook monthly users

Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 developer Conference

Currently, 27 percent of people worldwide use the social media platform; out of an approximate 7.3 billion populace of the globe. This has not been a cake-walk as it took almost 8 years to hit the number of 1 billion active Facebook monthly users'. But the increasing popularity of the site shows signs of reaching the 2 billion mark really soon; in less than another 8 years.

The highlight is the increase in Facebook monthly users' which now counts at 1.94 billion. These monthly active users number is up by 18 percent from last year. Moreover, Facebook now boasts of 1.28 billion daily users. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that his company has had a good start to this year. He also added that they are continuously building tools that can support a strong global community.

Facebook to Hire 3,000 Workers

Another update coming from Zuckerberg’s company is vital due to the sensitiveness of its nature. Facebook has recently seen many issues regarding inappropriate content on its site; which needs to be removed before thing go out of hand. The company believes that at least for the time being more people are needed along with the automated software to improve the monitoring of social media posts.

Facebook Inc. plans to hire around 3,000 people over the next year to keep things in check. These people will be able to responds to such crucial matters and removal of the same on a faster basis. Facebook live, launched last year has seen sensitive issues like suicide, murder, and other horrendous acts streamed live. This inflictes violence in fragile minds of people. This is more of a reason that such a step was necessary for the social media platform to keep users trust in it intact.

In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg said that the new 3,000 facebook workers will work along with the already hired 4,500 workers. Together, this team will review posts showing signs of violation of Facebook’s terms of service. The location of these jobs is not declared yet.

Removal of Violence a Necessity

A father killing his daughter, a suicide by a teenager by jumping from the terrace, and such mind-disturbing violent videos affects the loyalty of Facebook monthly users' too. The new 3,000 Facebook workers will not only keep a vigil eye over the live streamed content; but also on the overall Facebook content.

With over 1.94 billion Facebook monthly users'; this giant social media platform cannot take chances of losing the trust from people.

Facebook monthly users’ number is a rock’s throw away to hit the 2 billion milestone. Zuckerberg certainly knows that maintaining the quality of content has to be the ultimate priority. Hiring 3,000 new employees for vigilant checks is definitely a positive move.

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