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Facebook Lets Users to Promote Posts for a Small Fee
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Facebook introduces “promote posts” feature

Facebook introduces “promote posts” feature

Facebook has been declaring that it will remain free for a long time. It still is, however if you want friends to see your posts you have to pay. Facebook has just announced that it is implementing a new feature that enables its users in the U.S. to promote posts.

Promote Post on your Facebook Account

Facebook Inc., the world’s biggest social giant, decided to implement a “promote posts” feature in the U.S. Facebook users will be able to pay a small fee to promote posts to friends, just as advertisers do.  Facebook’s promote posts feature has been tested in New Zealand and it has already been introduced in over 20 other countries. Testing a new feature on a small group of users is a common tactic used by Facebook, in particular when it comes to controversial ones.

According to some sources, U.S. Facebook users will have to pay $7 to promote posts, including photos, links, status updates, etc. When Facebook users decide to pay to promote posts, their posts will appear higher in the news feeds so friends will more likely see them. But not only posts will be promoted, Facebook users, who will pay the fee, will also be able to see how many people have seen their posts as well.

The promoted posts idea is not entirely new; Facebook decided to offer it to U.S. businesses back in May through their brand pages. The newness of the promoted posts on Facebook relates to the fact that it is now available to individual users.  Facebook, however, did not specify how long promoted posts would be seen in one’s friends’ news feed. But all signs indicate that once a friend has seen the promoted post on Facebook, it will just disappear from the news feed.

Cash flow to Facebook bank account

Promoted posts are certainly going to be a new source of earnings for Facebook. The company has recently been looking at all alternatives to increase its revenue. Providing not so good condition of Facebook stock it is quite natural that the company has considered all ways of earning more. For example, Facebook also introduced a Gifts feature which lets Facebook users to buy teddy bears or chocolates for specials occasions, of course the company earns. In the long-term goals all these initiatives seem to be a smart and well-thought-out strategy.

The company, however, has highlighted that promoted post are not intended for everyday use. They should be used to promote events such as wedding and birthday; they can be used in case of fundraiser or losing a dog, etc. Yet there is one question: “Will Facebook users get irritated by promote post feature or will they use it?” Certainly many of Facebook users will not appreciate promoted posts.

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