Facebook developing workplace network similar to career website LinkedIn
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Facebook is apparently developing a professional network like LinkedIn in the hope that employers will allow "Facebook at Work"

Facebook is reportedly working on another version of its social networking site that would cater to workplace environments. While LinkedIn connects businessmen, enterprises, entrepreneurs and companies, Facebook wants to become the platform that would allow users to keep their personal profile separate from their professional account.

The professional version of the website called 'Facebook at Work' will look similar to Facebook.com, with the iconic blue and white theme which could offer users the ability to chat and connect with work contacts and collaborate on documents as with Google Drive and Microsoft applications. As per reports employees at Facebook have been using the site internally for quite some time now.

“Facebook is secretly working on a new website called ‘Facebook at Work’” that would allow users to “chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents”, it said.

The social networking site is apparently developing the professional network in the hope that employers will allow "Facebook at Work", as many organisations block or discourage employees from accessing the original site during working hours.

Facebook which was set up in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow students at Harvard University now has approximately 1.35 billion monthly active users globally, almost two-thirds of whom visit every day. Last Month, the company reported its quarterly profit almost doubled to $802 million (640 million Euros). The social network has often faced criticism by privacy advocates regarding its privacy policies and with the new website, Facebook hopes to gain enterprise customers and increase the time spent on the site in offices, which means more advertising revenue for the company. There is no information when the professional site will launch, but it will reportedly be free - at least initially.

“We are going to continue preparing for the future by investing aggressively, connecting everyone, understanding the world, and building the next-generation in computing platforms,” Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg said then. “We have a long journey ahead,” he said.

Facebook has been looking to broaden its offerings, launching an application that enables users to chat anonymously in virtual rooms, evoking the chat rooms from the early days of the Internet. Additionally the company is also testing another feature that allows users of the leading social network purchase items by simply pressing an on-screen “Buy” button. Last month, Facebook completed its multibillion-dollar deal for mobile messaging application WhatsApp.

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