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Facebook Considering Monetization Options for Users through Posts
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Facebook is exploring different ways for individual users to profit from their posts, according to a report.

A survey circling around the company hints at the possibility of the social platform allowing users to monetize their content that could help users make money or promote a cause. Currently, the feature is said to be available only to limited users with verified accounts only.

The potential monetization options include a tip jar, that would let fans donate money to a user, charity donation option (a involves concept taken from YouTube) sponsorship deal involve branded content and ad revenue sharing, that is taking a share of the ad revenue the social network earns. In addition, the survey also revealed a call to action button, similar to the feature available for Facebook pages that allow users to direct their followers to sign up to the featured content or buy something.

It is unclear at the moment if Facebook wants to launch all or any of these options to its huge user base. The survey was spotted first by Casey Newton of The Verge, who is a verified user, which indicates it may just be devoted to similarly accomplished individuals or celebrities.

An attempt at broader monetization fits perfectly into the social networks current scheme of things, which has seen it roll out its Instant Articles publishing feature for the public (comes with its own advertising options). The company recently unveiled Live Video feature that enables media partners to relay sponsored videos that carry brand logos.

In spite of their continuous expansion, social media platforms have given little in terms of revenue generation options to their valued user base, even those with big followings. Instead, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine have been capable enough to look out for their own advertising and sponsorship deals.

Maybe Facebook has come to a decision that it needs to offer more financial incentives in order to lure influential users, specifically in the case of its new publishing and video features.

It is worth noting that the survey reportedly asked a series of questions about how respondents use their personal profile pages, the kind of personal info they find most interesting, including stats about video views and post engagement and if their friend list has mostly real-life acquaintances or people they have never met in person. Such information is often sought out by advertisers looking for targeted content, or celebs wanting to track and increase their followings.

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