Facebook acquires German startup that can add or remove objects from video
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You might have often noticed that your app store updates your Facebook app almost every week. The frequency of this app update is mainly because of various bug fixes but the company also keeps working towards its betterment. These updates might not seem of any importance to the layman if they don’t come with new features. Just because other technical changes aren’t evident, that doesn’t mean they don’t take place. The bug fixes that seem minor to us are changes in the social media giant’s software to make it more efficient. To make more of such improvements, Facebook acquires German startup for new video features.

The latest move by Facebook is an attempt to develop in the field of augmented reality. With the company venturing in a number of fields, it is essential for it to keep up with the latest trends in technology. This is why the social media giant is collaborating with Fayteq. This German startup has expertise in developing a video-editing technology. Facebook confirmed the news about its latest acquisition but has not disclosed any further details about it. Even though the startup Facebook acquires is a small one, the features it promises seem really impressive. With a team of a mere ten employees, Fayteq might offer features that are rarely seen in videos.

Facebook acquires

Facebook acquires German startup for new video features.

More about the software that Facebook acquires

A video is something which recreates a memory just the way we have witnessed it. But there are times when there are unwanted obstructions in the video. This hinders the memory attached to it and we always wish that what if that person had not walked right in front of the camera lens. With the help of Fayteq, Facebook users need not regret such inhibitions anymore. This is because it will provide a feature wherein you can remove such unwanted objects without being a video editing pro.

Facebook acquires Fayteq as it will allow users to not only removing moving objects from their videos but also add them. This isn’t the first time when this German startup has created something like this. It has earlier sold plug-ins to professional video editors such as Adobe After Effects. These plug-ins gave video editors the freedom to first track certain objects then add or remove them. This is possible by tracking the data. It is believed that such an acquisition holds a lot of importance for the augmented reality world of Facebook.

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