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Every team must have an inspirational leader
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When you take the responsibility of leading the team, it is a usual ideology that a leader wants his team members to look up to him. With the position comes the responsibility to handle it well. A leader is responsible for setting an example for the rest of his team. One can’t just order his team to do so. He must prove that he is worth following by others. However efficient you might be at your job, the job isn’t done right as long as you don’t attain the tag of an inspirational leader. In order to make this happen, you have to put in efforts and keep a watch on your activities as well.

3 ways to prove that you are an inspirational leader

1.     Contribute to every task

If you want someone to draw inspiration from you, it is of utmost importance to first carry out the task yourself and then expects others to do so. A number of leaders have the tendency to simply give orders and just wait for his team to complete the task. What makes one an inspirational leader for his team is the practice of including oneself in every task. Even if you have allotted the task to someone else, show your involvement in the same. Give a helping hand or guide them to make things easier. Give the message that even a leader is a part of the team. This will make your members want to be humble and hardworking like you.

Inspirational leader

Elon Musk has proved to be an inspiration even for leaders.

2.     Gain trust

Psychological studies have clearly proven that employees tend to work with more enthusiasm in an environment full of trust. Trust works only in a barter system. This means that in order to gain the trust of your team members, you need to trust them as well. The basic way to do so is by showing concern for the wellbeing of your employees. Along with this, show interest in the lives of the members apart from work. This is an indication that your team matters to you. This will result in loyalty from your team members.

3.     Have a definite vision for the team

The main job of the leader is to ensure high productivity from his team. The only way one can measure productivity is by setting a goal and checking if it has been attained or not. For this to happen, the leader has to make sure that he has set a vision which is realistic as well as profitable for the organization. A clear picture must be set in front of the team members so that they can work accordingly to achieve it.

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