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Europe’s Hottest Startups of the Year
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Unless you have been living on the other side of the world for the past few months, you would be aware that the Brexit outcome has left UK and Europe’s fintech future foggy at its best. The sky-is-falling mentality has been so rampant ever since that analysts are distressing over uncertain future and the consequences of the leave vote. To dispel delusions, we decided to approach Brexit from an entrepreneur-investor’s point of view. While doing so, we couldn’t help but marvel at some of Europe’s fastest growing and most ambitious startups. Engineers, product managers and commercial people, who’re taking up the startup space and helping each one grow at an unprecedented rate.

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This digital health app lets you have video consultations with your doctor and health care professionals. The service also allows users to receive drug prescriptions, book health exams, and referrals to health specialists. As of now, Babylon employees more than 100 or so doctors to serve its users who pay a monthly subscription fee to get access via their employer’s healthcare provision.

In 2015, Babylon demoed its AI feature – wherein users can talk to the app as it leads them through their symptoms. Babylon’s AI feature is not yet ready for a full commercial launch, but we’re sure that it will the U.K. startup grow twofold in the coming months.

Babylon was founded in 2013 by Ali Parsa, a British entrepreneur of Iranian origin. Babylon has remained pretty quiet about its valuation, however sources reveal that the war-chest is in excess of $100 million. What makes Babylon stand out from the already crowded digital health app space is that it is putting accessible and affordable in the hands of every person on the planet.


Just as Uber owns no cars, Wallapop owns no inventory.

It’s a free, mobile app for Android, gunning for the virtual flea/classified ads market. Shopping sites need plenty of inventory to attract buyers, as well as buyers to attract sellers. There’s no doubt that in the coming years, the startup scene will be booming with players like Wallapop. But, there’s something about Wallapop, which makes it pop out from the biggies and the newbies.

Its high profile TV marketing, is not only taking down incumbents like Craigslist and eBay, but also newcomers like OfferUp, 5miles and Facebook’s Marketplace.

Wallapop was founded in 2013 by CEO CEO Agustín Gómez, Gerard Olive (BeRepublic) and Miguel Vicente (Letsbonus). It has cash injections in excess of $140 million and a $1 billion valuation, raised from Caixa Capital Risc, Bonsai Venture Capital, ESADE Ban, Antai, Grupo Godó and Grupo Zeta.


Founded in 2011 by ex-Googler Azmat Yusuf, Citymapper began life as an app exclusively for Londoners. The app has since expanded to cover over 30 cities - including San Francisco, Madrid and Sao Paulo.

The quirky app pulls humungous data to present users with a range of transit options including metro, bus, train and Uber. It also displays information such as journey times and prices.

Citymapper has been pretty quiet about the user numbers. Although, the app is often featured on the top of the transportation app download chats for both Android and iOS. It has raised a total of $50 million, giving it a valuation in excess of $270 million.


Flying by private jet is no longer for the high on the hog. The service is exploring the potential to use technology to make private planes affordable to use, widely accessible, and profitable to operate.

Former British fighter pilot and army officer Jonny Nicol spent four years creating a private jet marketplace where owners, operators, and offer private jet flights to be less expensive on a per person basis than a business class flight. Using the Stratajet app, users can now book a private jet at the per person cost down to business class, first class, or even economy ticket prices.

Nicol has secured $5 million on a valuation of $25 million from investors in a seed money round. Since the app opened for booking in last year, the service has received sales at well above expected rates. Some users have even booked giant Airbus Corporate Jets – costing over $110,000.


This London fintech startup enables vacationers to spend money abroad on plastic without running up foreign exchange fees. Founded by co-founders Nikolay Storonsky and Vladyslav Yatsenko, the app to date has raised $7 million from two of London’s most esteemed venture capital offices: Balderton Capital backer of LoveFilm and Betfair; and Index backer of Dropbox, Facebook, and TransferWise.

The app offers interbank rates on currency, i.e. the rate in which the banks lend to each other. In comparison, bureaux de change and banks make their money adding cash withdrawal fees of between 2.75% to 3% above the exchange rate.

Their smartphone app, Revolut is linked to an electronic credit card, allows consumers to spend in over 90 currencies around the world at the best exchange rate. Once installed, users can spend online through the card, stored securely within the app. Users can also choose to apply for a physical card, which can be used to pay and withdraw up to $600, after which a 2% of fee applies at the end of the month. Alternatively, the app also allows users to transfer money to other accounts using WhatsApp, email, or SMS.

MOVE Guides

Relocating abroad for a job can be extremely stressful and complicated, especially when process requires typically time consuming process like opening a bank account, applying for a national insurance number, etc.

To solve this problem, MOVE Guides, a London-based startup is offering ‘talent mobility’ software in cloud to help companies manage the relocation of their employees. The software offers assistance with processes such as find a new home, setting up the internet, registering for healthcare providers, applying for local registration such as setting up a bank account, applying for a national insurance number, etc. In addition, it also offers assistance with moving, such as finding professional movers,

The startup helps companies reduce the cost of mobility on average by 10 percent. It aims to make mobility less costly for companies and easier for employees, says founder and Chief Executive Brynne Herbert. MOVE Guides now has offices in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong. So far, the startup has raised over $100 million in funding for the development of the enterprise app.


Even when the produce in supermarkets are scribbled with signs like ‘100% fresh’ or ‘100% local’, it’s hard to tell how much we really know about where our food comes from.

The Food Assembly, also known as also known as La Ruche qui dit Oui! in French (meaning ‘ the hive that says yes’, is a hybrid of farmers market and buying group.

The online platform was founded in 2010 by Guilhem Chéron and Marc-David Choukroun, with the aim to strengthen the relationship between local producers and consumers through organized events and pop-up markets, called ‘Food Assemblies’.

The Food Assembly has grown its network has grown to more than 500 assemblies in the country with more than 3,000 farmers delivering to local communities.


It’d be a surprise if you haven’t heard of Adyen already! With a valuation of $2.3 billion, its clients include Uber, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, and Airbnb. So, what is Adyen and what does it do?

Adyen is a payments processing app, which powers online and mobile payments. So far, it has processed $56 billion in payment in 2015, while it doubled its revenue to $371 million, and raked $45 million in profit.

Adyen was founded in 2006 by Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff, a pair of Dutch serial entrepreneurs. The core idea was to create a payment technology that would work seamlessly – regardless of the type of geography, payment method, and merchant. The service has been an early adopter of Apply Pay, Alipay in China, Qiwi in Russia, and Boletos in Brazil.

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