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Elon Musk to Merge Human Brain with AI with Neuralink Corp in Four Years

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Elon Musk is known to come up with innovative ideologies in the field of science and puts them to use. He has already established SpaceX, which looks after astronomical projects and Tesla, the company that excels in electric cars. Not only does he come up with such concepts, but also executes them successfully. Musk has now decided to venture into a new field of science. He declared on Thursday that he will lead a startup that will focus on creating technology which can merge humans with computers. Three weeks back there was news about Musk taking over Neuralink Corp and now further details about what this venture has in store are out. Neuralink will work under the guidance of Musk to link the human brain with a computer interface. This will be carried out by creating micron-sized devices that will conduct the synchronization between the two parties.

The main agenda behind the development of such technology is to create a product that can help in the treatment of brain injuries caused by cancer lesion, stroke, etc. Elon Musk recently claimed in an interview that the project will be completed within four years itself. That sounds like a difficult target but when there is a project under Musk; his team is capable of meeting such deadlines. This is the third company where Musk will be the CEO and he is dedicated to creating ‘consensual telepathy’ to fulfill the goals of Neuralink Corp. Experts believe that the goals of this company are way broader than that of SpaceX or Tesla. This is because such research and development will directly affect the betterment of humans.

Neuralink Corp

Elon Musk is back with another breakthrough in science.

Prospects of Neuralink Corp

Elon Musk further explains consensual telepathy by stating that it is necessary to correctly communicate any kind of concept. The scientists at Neuralink will create advanced computers with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These computers will be so efficient that in order to keep up with them, humans will have to implant ‘neural laces’ in the brain. Every human has a number of concepts in his head but the brain needs to compress them due to an incredibly low data rate which is speech or typing. This is where consensual therapy might prove to be useful to communicate these concepts precisely.

Neuralink Corp registered itself as a medical research company in California last July. Musk plans to fund this company majorly by himself. He is still open to grants or investments by other interested parties. The technology Neuralink boasts of producing sounds impressive in theory but people with no disability will be able to use it only after eight to ten years. But currently, the scientists will implant tiny electrodes in the human brain to fight brain conditions. This is the priority of the company. In the long run, development of technology will save humanity from any subjugation by the dominance of machinery. Musk states that Neuralink may also succeed in developing brain interfaces which can effectively replace human language.

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