Electric vehicles are on the fourth gear, but what about its infrastructure?
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In the field of automobiles, the latest major event which took place was the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 held in the land of Germany. The event showcased some of the finest automakers from across the globe and the latest innovations they have come up with. If you go through the list of the cars showcased, you will notice a common factor among all of them. Almost 90 percent of the models showcased in this motor show were either all-electric cars or hybrid ones. This seems like something to be proud of as it’s an indication that we are advancing in the field of science. Along with this, use of electric vehicles is directly equivalent to the drop in pollution levels. But is this as easy as it sounds?

The auto market can talk or think about nothing except for electric vehicles at the moment. It is not just a kind of technology but also a raging trend. Being a popular trend is good in a way as in the long run; it will be beneficial for our environment. Studies have already stated that we will run out of fossil fuels soon plus carbon is causing great harm to our atmosphere. The concept is a noble one for each resident of our planet but we fail to notice that we don’t have adequate infrastructure to support the vision.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have become a raging trend in the auto market.

Lack of infrastructure to support electric vehicles

Numerous countries which are aware of the rising pollution levels have already pledged that by the end of two decades, one will notice only all-electric cars doing the rounds. The conventional fossil fuel cars will completely be out of use. In order to fulfill this aim, almost all automakers are dedicatedly working on creating the finest electric vehicle technology possible. But as all the focus is on the production of electric vehicles, we failed to notice the lack of infrastructure. Such vehicles need charging stations to support the same.

There are countries putting in efforts to bring down the prices of electric vehicle batteries. In fact, due to this price drop, the production of electric vehicles also accelerated. But this does not curb the problem of lack of charging stations. The fancy electric models advertise that one can charge the car in his own home. For that he nee, s a garage which can accommodate such a facility. This isn’t possible in multi-storied buildings. This clearly signifies that the production of such cars is under process without taking into its practical drawbacks.

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