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How to dream big and win in life!


When we watch documentaries about inspirational figures, it can easily feel as if we too can dream big and make it happen. The question is: do you take steps every day to turn your dreams into reality? If you want to achieve more than you have in life, you gotta do what you gotta do. Like the majority of us, you have to grind, both physically and mentally. Your dreams will never walk up to you. You need to go out and get it. Make 2017 your best year, and use the following tips to dream big and make it happen.


On a piece of paper, draw your desired reality using words and images that express what you want to achieve. Where do you see yourself in one year? Donโ€™t let your inner critic shut you down. Allow yourself to dream big.


Brainstorm a list of steps you need to take right now to achieve your goals. Narrow down the list to the essential steps you need to achieve single to jump to the next one. For instance, one of my goals is to move into a bigger house in next five years. To get there, my first action step includes setting up a budget and earn enough to be able to afford a big house. My first action step is to get a dream job of my desired salary. The second action step includes saving a certain amount every single month, which will eventually grow into a bigger sum in five years. The third action step includes getting in touch with a property consultant who will be able to deliver what I want.


You cannot just list down your dreams and forget about it, right? Especially when you have also listed the action steps and you know what the right thing to do is. In order to make sure that youโ€™re on the right path, measure your success. This should be easy because each action step will also include a timeline within which it needs to be accomplished. Finish all three action steps, and youโ€™ll know it when youโ€™re there.

  • Let your imagine run wild, but donโ€™t pick a goal you do not believe you will be able to achieve. Not believing in your dreams is a recipe for failure.
  • Take purposeful action steps to get there. Anything is achievable when you take well thought out and consistent steps towards progress.
  • Donโ€™t forget to celebrate your small achievements. This will propel you towards the next big phase in your life!

A well thought out plan can do wonders! The important thing to remember is to not dismiss your ideas too early on.

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