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A Smart Way to Get Things Done ‘Don’t Talk, Just Do It’

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Should I or should I not? Pick up the phone and make a call, or just stay on the chair doing very little? Send the email to let the potential client know that the terms are unreasonable or just hang around and leave the rest on the future? Meet the chief executive who wants to buy your company later this evening or tomorrow or never? These are some major-minor turning points in a leader’s life. One of the best leadership tips about decision-making you’ll get is that when it comes to quick decision making, just do it, the more often you do it, the better you get at it.

In our professional lives, we’re told to value the importance of thinking. As a leader, you’re expected to do the talking, the thinking, as well as the doing. We believe that we’re paid to look clever, but rather we’re paid to get things done.

It’s not healthy to buffer between the available options and deciding to act for a longer period of time. Rather you are supposed to spots the risks within the shortest time possible and make a call about what to do. People who don’t get things done or convince themselves of stalling the decision or the act are often lazy or simply frightened of committing to a decision. (READ: Leadership Tips 'How to be a self-made billionaire by 30')

Whenever we weigh out options before we take the final decision, we’re living those moments to see how our lives could go – one way or another. These moments are critical. Instead of hunting for a reason to hang around, just get on with it.

Leaders who lack quick decision making are often found to have a long to-do list. When you get at it, any decision, you’re giving yourself less of a concern, because you’ve already started. Move on. Your head will be clearer on what you need to do next and your to-do list will be one task shorter.

For an innovator, the ability to act is crucial to the unpredictable leadership journey. When you’re not doing something, you’re not making an idea happen. If you want to bring a change, you will have to do, over and over again. (READ: Learn the Art of Negotiation The Steve Jobs Way)

For starters, you can practice decision-making with simpler tasks. For example, the next time you’re mulling over calling an old friend or having the urge to order an item you’ve unheard of from the menu, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to practice it. While you’re making a decision, in those few seconds, your brain will give you the option of doing it later. Rather, you’ll do it now, in the moment.

This will lessen the burden each time you remember that you really need to call an old friend or try that Ethiopian dish. Doing always happens in the present. Whether you’re learning something new, or making a plan to launch a new product, or simply working out the possibilities. With every bit of action, you’re doing with ‘just do it’ attitude, you’re bringing yourself close to achieving what you want all along.

Just do it and do it now. It gets easier every time.

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